Sympathy for the Devils

The Surprisingly Normal-Looking Couple Whose Viral Videos Are Brainwashing Young Conservatives

molotov-patricia-mitchellMost people assume the Birther movement was begun by some old Republican crony or Fox News talking head. (Which are pretty much the same thing.)

But Jason and Patricia Mitchell, whose “October Surprise” video garnered over four million views and helped launch the hysterical search for Barack Obama‘s birth certificate—are young, cute and hip.

Sort of.

Jason “Molotov” Mitchell, a cross between a stand-up comic and a Westboro Baptist Church minister, has become quite influential among certain young conservatives and the Tea Party crowd. Through the couple’s Illuminati TV production company, Molotov regularly contributes rant videos to that backwoods bathroom-scrawl-collector of record, WorldNetDaily.

In one recent clip he expresses support for flailing presidential candidate Rick Santorum—simply because Rick has the right enemies: Muslims and gay activists like “hatemonger” Dan Savage.

Good‘s Jennifer Rawls ran into the Mitchells at a cocktail party and learned—despite their cute well-dressed hipster look—just how batshit crazy they are.

I bring up the video Molotov made supporting Uganda’s anti-gay bill, and he is quick to justify it. “I was supporting the right of Ugandans to pass their own legislation. I’m sick of white liberals trying to dictate the way that black people live in other countries.”

Is Molotov trying to play the race card here? Really?

Plus, he knows anti-gay Ugandan pastor Martin Sempa personally. Sempa, he says, “is a great guy, and I respect him tremendously. If Martin Sempa and the Ugandan people want this type of bill, I say let them have it.”

Despite their fiery diatribes, Rawls learns how medieval Molotov and Patricia’s relationship is.

“I submit to my husband,” [Patricia] says. “I think it’s a delicate balance because it doesn’t do him any favors if I agree with everything he says. He wants me to tell him what I think about things. Why would he marry me if he didn’t value me, right?”

“Duh, ‘cause you’re smokin’ hot!” Molotov replies.

Patricia responds in all seriousness, “I consider myself smart, and I try to be wise. We are a team, but if it comes down to him or me, his opinion goes. You could make a wartime analogy: Sometimes your captain tells you to do something that’s not right, but it is better to go with the captain than do your own thing.” Molotov has a tendency to speak over her. Although it can be hard for Patricia to get a word in, of the two, she is more sensitive to media portrayals. She seems to understand that their politics alienate people and sometimes encourages Molotov to temper the most inflammatory rhetoric. At the end of the conversation, she hedges, “I’m not sure if I explained that very well.”

Any co-signers on a Liberate Patricia Mitchell petition?

Photo via Good

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