Sympathy for the Devils

The Surprisingly Normal-Looking Couple Whose Viral Videos Are Brainwashing Young Conservatives

molotov-patricia-mitchellMost people assume the Birther movement was begun by some old Republican crony or Fox News talking head. (Which are pretty much the same thing.)

But Jason and Patricia Mitchell, whose “October Surprise” video garnered over four million views and helped launch the hysterical search for Barack Obama‘s birth certificate—are young, cute and hip.

Sort of.

Jason “Molotov” Mitchell, a cross between a stand-up comic and a Westboro Baptist Church minister, has become quite influential among certain young conservatives and the Tea Party crowd. Through the couple’s Illuminati TV production company, Molotov regularly contributes rant videos to that backwoods bathroom-scrawl-collector of record, WorldNetDaily.

In one recent clip he expresses support for flailing presidential candidate Rick Santorum—simply because Rick has the right enemies: Muslims and gay activists like “hatemonger” Dan Savage.

Good‘s Jennifer Rawls ran into the Mitchells at a cocktail party and learned—despite their cute well-dressed hipster look—just how batshit crazy they are.

I bring up the video Molotov made supporting Uganda’s anti-gay bill, and he is quick to justify it. “I was supporting the right of Ugandans to pass their own legislation. I’m sick of white liberals trying to dictate the way that black people live in other countries.”

Is Molotov trying to play the race card here? Really?

Plus, he knows anti-gay Ugandan pastor Martin Sempa personally. Sempa, he says, “is a great guy, and I respect him tremendously. If Martin Sempa and the Ugandan people want this type of bill, I say let them have it.”

Despite their fiery diatribes, Rawls learns how medieval Molotov and Patricia’s relationship is.

“I submit to my husband,” [Patricia] says. “I think it’s a delicate balance because it doesn’t do him any favors if I agree with everything he says. He wants me to tell him what I think about things. Why would he marry me if he didn’t value me, right?”

“Duh, ‘cause you’re smokin’ hot!” Molotov replies.

Patricia responds in all seriousness, “I consider myself smart, and I try to be wise. We are a team, but if it comes down to him or me, his opinion goes. You could make a wartime analogy: Sometimes your captain tells you to do something that’s not right, but it is better to go with the captain than do your own thing.” Molotov has a tendency to speak over her. Although it can be hard for Patricia to get a word in, of the two, she is more sensitive to media portrayals. She seems to understand that their politics alienate people and sometimes encourages Molotov to temper the most inflammatory rhetoric. At the end of the conversation, she hedges, “I’m not sure if I explained that very well.”

Any co-signers on a Liberate Patricia Mitchell petition?

Photo via Good

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  • Steve

    You misspelled the name of the backwoods bathroom-scrawl-collector of record. We like to call it the “World Nut Daily”. ;’)

  • Lefty

    They strike me as one of those couples who become obsessively devoted to something to cover up the void in their private lives. Usually driven by narcissism and/or a misplaced anger from their own fucked up lives. I bet the “surprisingly normal” look takes a lot of work and attention. :(

  • declanto

    Holy Shit! That vid should have a consumer warning label! “EXTREME CAUTION! THIS VIDEO CAN MAKE YOU LOSE YOUR BREAKFAST.”

  • Kevin

    Brainwash is exactly the wrong word. They’re giving people a reason to believe what they already so badly want to believe.

  • David Ehrenstein

    Does anyone have their home address?

  • Jim

    When someone supports Martin “Eat da Poo Poo” Ssempa, that person cannot be anything but insane.

  • skzip888

    Being a troll is profitable. Pre-distressed skinny jeans don’t pay for themselves.

  • Kyle

    The dude probably has more gay sex than me.

  • Cinesnatch

    @declanto: Yeah, Queerty, that video should come with a warning label. I can’t believe I watched the whole thing. He’s hot on the outside and absolutely repulsive on the inside. Perhaps the worst combination.

  • Cam

    We get it, he is a closet case and she is the twisted remains of what was once a fag hag who was so desperate to be with her “gay” that she bought into his delusional cover.

  • Limina

    Um… maybe my knees are faulty but they didn’t jerk. This post does not address any of the “hatemongering” Molotov accuses Savage of. And the conversation Rawls overheard doesn’t sound crazy. It’s not the relationship I’d want but for one in which the religious belief is that the wife should pay deference to the husband it sounds reflective and fairly sane.

    Am I missing something here?

  • MikeE

    @Limina: a few neurons?

  • Kev C

    I didn’t pay attention to anything he said. I was busy dancing to the Gary Glitteresque music in the background. Also he looks like a cartoon.

  • j.


    WOW! You can’t see what’s wrong with his opinions? Just look at his videos! He thinks the death penalty for homosexuality is okay. He disparages Muslims. The list goes on and on. Is this stuff you agree with? And don’t give me that crap that he’s entitled to his opinion.

  • Limina


    Thanks for the reply. It’s not that I don’t see what’s wrong with his opinions. I haven’t watched any of his other videos (and don’t intend to) so I don’t know anything about the death penalty stuff. And that’s my point really. On a blog titled “Queerty” it is probably safe to assume you’re preaching to the choir but there is such a thing as taking too much for granted.

    I would’ve liked to have seen more of the “batshit” crazy stuff pointed out. And at least a passing line about Dan Savage’s work on bullying or some such. I was just saying that, as posted, the article falls flat. Molotov and his wife don’t come off as loony as the rhetoric of the article makes them out to be. Dan Savage, however, sounds infinitely loonier. And that’s not ok.

  • jason

    I’d have sex with Jason Mitchell. He looks like one of these closeted bi guys. I wonder if he is. Ravish me, Jason. Rub that three-day growth up and down my nibbles.

    As for Patricia, she has a nice smile but she could do with a more conservative form of attire. She looks as if she’s trying too hard to look sexy.

  • j.


    I see your the type of person who makes decisions on things without all the necessary background information. So it’s not worth my time talking to you.

  • Dan

    You can set a YouTube video as your homepage and it loads each time you boot your browser. Having lots of hits doesn’t mean a lot of people have seen a video; only that it has been loaded a lot of times. Anyone with kids knows they can be obsessed with a video and load it over and over; same person watching it repeatedly.

  • Larry

    wow it is unbelievable that molotov misses the irony of his condemning hate-mongering. why do fags look at these reprehensible people and talk about how gay they are? who wants this asshole on our team? not me

  • DenverBarbie

    That relationship has “domestic violence” spelled out all over it.

  • Dr. Dick

    @DenverBarbie: Uugghhh that actually made me physically ill

  • Jess

    Add 10 years and 100 lbs each, and you have Brian Brown and Maggie Gallagher.

  • Michael

    Let me at him. It would be more than my pleasure to show him that confidence is the most powerful sexual drug of all and I am way more than confident he wouldn’t stand a chance.

    Guys like this not only crack me up but piss me off. Fortunately, as a man, I know we can’t control what turns us on and confidence, for some reason, turns us on.

  • Michael

    Wow, I just watch the video and this guy could not act any gayer. He acts as if he has a permanent butt plug shoved up his ass. Any man who can stand next to a picture of Dan Savage and make Dan Savage look like he’s Grissely Adams (and no, I’m not dissing Savage) is a guy who is beyond gay.

    We’ve all seen this type before… “Lemme try to convince myself how gay I am not by telling everyone how much I hate the gays…”

    Usually homophobes in the media are fugly but this is a classic example of the homophobic closet case.

  • Eric in Chicago

    this guy pretends like he’s being funny and humorous while bringing up humor of others and taking it seriously. Anyone who saw or read those Dan Savage quotes knew he was being snarky and funny. Once again clueless GOPers – so stupid.

  • redball

    This guy is a huge a**hole, and an obvious homophobe. And, just for factual correctness’ sake, he got at least two of his “facts” wrong:

    ***Santorum is NOT a gay-sex term…it’s an anal-sex term.

    ***Savage does not cheat on his man. They’ve played together with third parties a handful of times.

  • mike128

    im not a huge fan of dan savage. but what does bother me about this guy (and the other conservatives that do it) is this notion that fighting for civil rights is somehow “bullying” or “using hate speech” to shut down “different opinions”. Really?? The conservatives will lie through their teeth in the process of trying to co-opt whatever language they think is useful for them. Just so incredibly cynical… it continues to amaze me.

  • Shofixti

    The irony being that that legislation would snuff out lives of or restrict “the way that black people live in other countries”.

  • Bobby99

    Obama’s birth certificate and all other records sealed. Over a Million spent to keep them sealed, the ssn being used by obama and Harrison J Bounel living at the same Chicago mansion address. It’s enough to make birthers wonder. Then you have the 2 dead( executed) 2007 choir members from Rev Wright’s church (friends of Obama) Barack “Man’s Country” gay club Chicago.

  • Sebizzar

    Wow. Just watched 3 of his homophobic vids, I’d really like to punch this idiot.

  • jason

    What Jason and Patricia Mitchell choose to ignore is the fact that their attitude to gays is not hugely different to the attitude that Moslems have of gays. Therefore, one might say that Jason and Patricia have a lot in common with Moslems. It’s the same type of anti-gay hatred dressed up in a different brand.

    I just hope that, when they have kids, all of them turn out to be gay. Of course, I hope Patricia doesn’t abort them.

  • B. Steadman

    Barack Hussein Obama II, illegal President, was born August 4, 1961 at the Coast Province General Hospital in Mombasa, Kenya and not in Hawaii as he claims. This may explain why he allowed Hawaii to release only a highly-questionable, computer-generated abstract of his purported long-form birth certificate. Furthermore, he authorized this release only after ignoring countless requests by concerned citizens to make the document available for nearly three years….

    A high resolution copy of the authentic Kenyan birth certificate of Barack Obama is available for free download at …The fascinating story of how Lucas Daniel Smith obtained a certified copy of Obama’s Kenyan birth certificate directly from the birth hospital on February 19, 2009 is included as part of his ‘July 4, 2010 Letter to Congress’, which is also available for free download at the same website.

    The Hawaiian Certificate of Live Birth, released May 27, 2011 by Mr. Obama on the official White House website has been judged by many technically-qualified experts to have been computer-assembled in ‘layers’ in a radically manipulative manner and contains many identified anomalies. …Tim Adams, senior Hawaiian election official during the 2008 presidential campaign, has sworn an affidavit stating that no birth certificate for Obama existed in Hawaii at that time. … Doug Vogt, an expert in document imaging technology, filed a 22 page, detailed criminal complaint with the FBI regarding Obama’s fraudulent, Hawaiian long-form Certificate of Live Birth.

  • Terry K.

    Molotov is quite a piece of work. After he got some backlash for endorsing the Uganda law, he had the nerve to play the some-of-my-best-friends-are-gay card — not to mention continue to deny that the law would permit the death penalty for mere homosexuality. More here.

  • Ken S

    Wait, I’m sorry, but did I see someone call that guy “cute?” I’d only fuck him in the ass with a blindfold on, and then only to hear him whimper like a stuck bitch :-P

  • Terradea

    I know the type; these people are performance artists. Psychopaths, certainly, but they probably don’t really believe what they preach. Their goal is to manipulate as many people as possible, and gain financially while doing so. Watch this couple carefully … they will show their true colors soon enough.

  • John

    [QUOTE]Um… maybe my knees are faulty but they didn’t jerk. This post does not address any of the “hatemongering” Molotov accuses Savage of. And the conversation Rawls overheard doesn’t sound crazy. It’s not the relationship I’d want but for one in which the religious belief is that the wife should pay deference to the husband it sounds reflective and fairly sane.

    Am I missing something here?[/QUOTE]

    Perhaps that could be explained another way. The article is in the public domain. Most people don’t dig for background. It is not whether or not the article is correct and the issue is not whether or not Limina digs for background.

    For example one thing Limina points out is the fact that the article claims that a wife identifying as Christian is obviously crazy to say she submits to her husband when that is virtually a Biblical quote. Those who criticised do know that the Bible is the Christian sourcebook don’t you? Agree or disagree with the religion but how can someone who is a part of the religion simply following religious mandates be demonstrating crazimess?

    Limina later comments that watching the video included makes Dan Savage sound crazier. The video has MM quoting DS as saying that people who disagree with him should be dragged behind a lorry. How does that sound to the public?

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