The Tame Australian Safe-Sex Ad Is Back In Bus Stops!

Australian ad company Adshel had no idea that the 47 complaints it received against the above poster all came from the same source—a campaign organized by the Australian Christian Lobby—and not individual citizens. A Facebook campaign defending the posters, numerous media inquiries yesterday, and a 20-person protest at Adshel’s offices yesterday drove the company to reinstate the posters for their Brisbane bus stop campaign.

ACL’s Wendy Francis said of the posters, “They show two young homosexual men in some sort of act of foreplay. If something’s not allowed in a children’s timeslot on TV, I don’t think you should put it on a billboard or where children are waiting for the school bus.” In response comedian Josh Thomas said, “Wendy Francis thinks hugging is foreplay. Remember that if you see her hugging her kids.”

It turns out that the handsome couple in the poster are real-life fiances who have been together for 6½ years, engaged since August last year, and recently approved to become foster parents.