The Tea Party Candidate Who Openly Supports Stoning Gays To Death American Family Association buffoon Bryan Fischer Tweeted that he supports gay rehab programs modeled after criminal drug rehab, we thought we’d heard the “right-wing-verging-on-sociopathic” story for the week.

But it was only Tuesday!

And now there’s this little item that makes Bryan Fischer seem like a saint:

It’s safe to say that Oklahoma Tea Party candidate Scott Esk doesn’t like gay people.

No, he really doesn’t like gay people.

An Oklahoma magazine uncovered a very troubling Facebook post Scott made last Summer in which he endorses the stoning to death of gay people, saying “I think we would be totally in the right to do it.”

But in this age of gotcha journalism, surely there’s some nuance that’s being taking out of context, right Scott?

Well, no.

Scott went on to clarify:

“That [stoning gay people to death] goes against some parts of libertarianism, I realize, and I’m largely libertarian, but ignoring as a nation things that are worthy of death is very remiss.”

But still, things get out of hand, and sometimes you say the wrong thing. So the magazine called Esk.

He told them:

“That was done in the Old Testament under a law that came directly from God and in that time there it was totally just. It came directly from God. I have no plans to reinstitute that in Oklahoma law. I do have some very huge moral misgivings about those kinds of sins.”

Glad you could set the record straight there, Scotty.

Oh, and fuck you too.

h/t Slate

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  • Cam

    Isn’t it interesting that these liars who claim that they are religious NEVER talk about divorce even though Jesus spoke out against it himself according to the Bible but never mentioned a word against homosexuality.

    They ignore Jesus but pick out parts of the Bible that excuse hate and bigotry.

    They aren’t religious, they are simple angry violent bigots looking for an excuse to attack and harm others.

  • Nowuvedoneit

    I’m not surprised but the more they talk the more rational minds will prevail.

  • DB75

    Surely he is being misunderstood. I’m sure he’s pro-marijuana. He was saying he thinks it’s OK for gays to be “stoned”. Silly auto-correct. :-)

    I can’t take someone like this serious. I must laugh at him.

  • tjr101

    Waiting for BJ Mcfrisky to come to the defense of this “honorable” man.

  • Mezaien

    Leave him to me! I am German, and knows all about gas! I will fire the oven for him.

  • BB45

    a good republican is a dead one!

  • James Hart

    Disgraceful. During the Old Testament era, stoning to death was the preferred penalty for adultery. Is this guy also getting ready to stone half of his straight neighbors??? What a hypocrite. And I do remember something in the Bible about Jesus saying he would vomit hypocrites from his mouth. I guess that this guy wants to be regurgitated.

  • James Hart

    @Cam: I agree with you.

  • kevins48

    i saw a tshirt the other day that stated:

    “there are two kinds of republicans;
    rich ones
    and stupid ones”

    i wonder which kind he is?

  • Lvng1tor

    Jagwads like this are lucky that there really is no gay mafia.

  • Throbert McGee


    Isn’t it interesting that these liars who claim that they are religious NEVER talk about divorce

    As a matter of fact, Scott Esk is very anti-divorce and wants to reform Oklahoma’s laws to make divorce more difficult, in accordance with “Biblical principles.”

    But before you say it, Cam, I’m NOT “defending right-wingers again,” blah-blah-blah. Turns out that the anti-divorce political candidate is himself divorced but “still trying to reconcile” with the mother of his children.

    And he’s so determined to work out a reconciliation that Mr. Esk’s ex-missus (say that three times fast!) had to get some sort of restraining order against her former husband, who apparently has control-freak issues. (Believe it or not!)

    P.S. Eric Cartman tried to warn us that gingers are a menace to society…

  • doug105

    ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws are in effect in more than 30 states, including Oklahoma.

    Oklahoma’s law is a virtual copy of the Florida statute that has sparked nationwide discussion.

    Just saying.

  • coltonblack

    How can anyone hold these positions and even be considered a serious candidate for anything?

  • darkanser

    This is what happens when we stay home and don’t vote. The nutbags somehow wind up in office.

  • MCHG

    what’s funny is that even by biblical standards that’s not true. I seem to remember a part of the bible when Jesus says that only those without sin can cast stones. it’s weird how someone can take a part of the bible that basically says ” we’re not all perfect, so don’t go around judging people” and completely miss the lesson.

  • Greg Garavani

    That’s one soulless ginger.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    If I saw this guy coming out of a gay bar, I wouldn’t think twice about it. Why is it the most vehemently anti-gay are so… gay?

  • DickieJohnson

    @1EqualityUSA: Ain’t that the truth??? Esk is rather hot, in my opinion, but I like redheads. I’d love to see Tim Kruger “pound” some sense into him!
    @Cam: Most Bible-bigots are ignorant of Scripture except in the random out-of-context verse. I wonder what they’d come up with if quizzed about Jesus’ bent on homosexuality?

  • Kenover

    Scott Esk has a public Facebook profile, which helpfully lists his phone number and personal email address. Why not let him know what you think about his idea of stoning gay people to death? I’m sure he’d be happy to hear from you…especially if you’re an Oklahoman.

    Phone: 405 255 6337 Email: [email protected]

  • gaym50ish

    Isn’t it amazing how these wackos know that an order came “directly from God”?

  • Billysees

    @Cam: Very sensible comment.

    @coltonblack: Good question.

    @darkanser: How true.

  • Billysees

    It must be mentioned that any reasonable Christian would never say the things he said.

    It is written that ‘whoever is without fault, let him cast the first stone’.

    Way too many professing believers don’t seem to care about these more relevant and mature narratives from the Book.

  • sfbeast

    Another self-hating closet case

  • jonjct

    You are lowering Queerty to the level of the National Inquirer with a story like this. You are making a fairly credible news and entertainment website look ridiculous and extreme. Please take it up a notch before lose your readership with this crap.

  • DistingueTraces

    @jonjct: The story is verified and easily checked.

    Take a dip into the fundamentalist side of the web sometime — it’s a useful corrective to life in a progressive city. The sentiment Esk expressed is not unusual at all.

  • Paco

    We need more lions.

  • Ben Dover

    @jonjct: I’ve seen this story on several mainstream news sites (or are they the lamestream” media to you?).

  • mcflyer54

    Politicians who choose to use the Bible, and Leviticus in particular, as a yardstick by which to measure morality are beyond foolish. Leviticus is basically a menu of things that you cannot yet they have become commonplace for people living in the 21st century. So for Esk to selectively single out stoning of gay people shows just exactly what type of hypocritical cafeteria christian he really is.

    Of the nearly 80 forbidden practices in Leviticus Scott has most likely violated at least a couple of dozen himself. Just from his picture it is obvious that he has both trimmed his beard and cut his hair on the sides. One of my favorite practices banned by Leviticus is “mistreating a foreigner” this one always gets in the way of those teabaggers who want to deport all the “illegals”.

  • mcflyer54

    @jonjct: Ignoring stories like this (and people like Esk) will not make them go away. People need to know what politicians think, no matter how foolish it my seem. It is better to know your enemy than to ignore him.

  • Cam

    @Throbert McGee:

    Wow, I did more research and you’re right, he is anti-divorce. Well I certainly can’t say he isn’t a hypocrite.

    I mean I still think he is unbalanced, but you were absolutely right.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    His wife could tell you stories, I’m sure. The wife’s family is likely circling the wagons to protect her from this egomaniacal, latent freaker. ew. I’m getting visions of things that will be hard to erase from my memory.

  • seaguy

    Tea party is nothing but a bunch of hypocrite idiots.

  • Billysees

    @Paco: Hehe…hehe…

    @jamesnimmo: Your link just showed how much ‘more’ pathetic this guy is. Full of sickly commentary about stoning.


    You have to be really, really, really, in self hating denial to spew such vile rhetoric……….

    Clearly this ginger has snapped……………………

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