The Thanksgiving Family’s Savage Murder Suspect Is ‘Effeminate’ and Hits Gay Bars


How to find one of America’s most-wanted killers? Oh, just look for his “effeminate” qualities. Because that’s how the U.S. Marshals are describing Paul Merhige, who’s believed to have murdered his twin sisters (one of which was pregnant), 6-year-old cousin, and 79-year-old aunt in a shooting ramapage over the Thanksgiving holiday.

The APB on Merhige — who’s been added to the 15 Most Wanted list — notes the suspect might be “homosexual and/or effeminate and may frequent homosexual establishments.” Also, he supposedly fakes his OCD, so be on the look out for a man who must flip his hair four times in a row before doing two pirouettes.

Allegedly killing him family north of Miami over “ongoing resentment,” Merhige — who bought four guns in the month leading up to the shooting — also injured his brother-in-law and another guest at a gathering, which he actually left before returning with murder on the mind.

He remains on the lam, and might be using the names Paul Mariage, Carlo Rabisi or Michael Manis. Neither of which sound very faggy.

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  • FakeName

    Probably not the story most conducive to this particular complaint, but seriously, Queerty, can you learn your damn pronouns? Human beings are not referred to using “that” or “which”. Human beings are referred to as “who” and “whom”. The pregnant sister is already dead; using the pronoun you should use for an animal or an inanimate object is further dehumanizing.

  • Brad

    LOL- “on the lamb”
    Is he in to bestiality too?

    It’s okay; homonyms are hard.
    “on the lam”

  • Kevin F.

    “He remains on the lamb”

    You wouldn’t think such a small animal could support a full grown man, much less make serious progress in his escape attempt.

    I can see the APB, “Be on the lookout for a man riding an infant sheep.”

  • terrwill

    Damm the daggers are out today for Queerts!!
    seriously commin from someone who can barely spell the
    word “spell” can ya install a spell check?? and while
    am at it how bout a nicer font besides times????

  • naprem

    What’s wrong with saying a man is effeminate if he is, in fact, effeminate? It’s not an insult if it’s fact. And the police need any identifying characteristics to find this man who is, let’s be clear, a presumed murderer.

  • Smart Kat

    They are searching for a killer. What ever mannerisms the man has that can help citizens to identify him should be published. They also made reference to how often he shaves or washes his hands. Do you want to assign homophobic motives to that description?

    If they had said “The suspect is rather excessively macho and and is known to frequent biker bars” would you think they were prejudice against him for his macho tendencies?

    I know many homophobes might use this as a means to say you can’t trust gays, but I don’t the US Marshals are bashing gays with this discription.

    If I do come across anyone who wants to use this nut case as a means of attacking all gays – or all Lebonese Americans for that matter, I will speak out against that bigotry.

  • Helga von ornstein

    Could someone please explain what does OCD mean?

  • Superman

    It means Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
    It means Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
    It means Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
    It means Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
    It means Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

  • Smart Kat

    OCD often results in obsessively repeating behaviour, in case you mistakenly think Superman was being rude to say “It means Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.” 5 times. That is also what the author meant when he said “must flip his hair four times.”

    It is reported that Merhige shaves repeatedly and I think showers frequently.

  • Mr Big

    so he was a fegala, big deal. but he has to be a murderer too, like the feygala who killed versace..what was his name..oh yeah, cumadin
    what a shame, what a shonda, oy vey !

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