The Token Gay on Caprica Is, Of Course, a Villain


OBVIOUSLY … SyFy’s Battlestar Gallactica prequel series Caprica stars Sasha Roiz as Sam Adama, essentially a hit man for the local organized crime gang. You know, because all gay characters must be bad guys. (At least in this case, the guy is married. Score.) No matter: Having Sam Adama will undoubtedly boost SyFy’s sagging gay score.

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  • merkin

    i actually think we’ve had enough positive representations of gays and lesbians on TV that its okay to have an evil gay. Plus, most of the characters on BG are majorly f***ed up, even the so-called good guys.

  • osocubano

    Given the choice between playing a gay victim or a gay villain, I’d rather play the villain.
    We always remember the villains…

  • ChristopherM

    I’m with Merkin on this…there really aren’t any good guys on BSG, and there aren’t likely to be any on its spin-off.

  • Justin

    It’s good to see not in the role of fashion advisor/sexless best friend. There are evil gays (Matt Drudge) and good gays (me!) who don’t know fashion or care about our female best friends’ sex lives. TV should reflect that.

  • puck247

    I don’t think his character is meant to be villian. Just because he’s a hitman doesn’t make him a bad guy. Yikes, I kinda just scared myself

  • Fitz

    Part of being included includes warts. It’s good that we aren’t all seen as safe.

  • Mattbydesign

    I like the idea of a gay villain, it’s about time that gay people get to fill ALL dramatic archetypes. And if it is happening on the spin off to one of my favorite shows of all time, then even more incentive for me to watch.

  • Charlie

    I think actors just want roles, good, bad or ugly, its a living.

  • Cam

    Being a villain can be sexier anyway. Glad just to have the character. We need a few gay cylons too. The good guys in the series were getting boring.

  • JC

    There aren’t any good guys on that entire show. Please stop crying wolf. There are plenty of cases of real discrimination, that actually exist, without making up reasons to get offended.

  • Erick

    First of all, not token. Im guessing you havent seen Caprica yet because he plays a significant role in the organization.

    There are bad gays too you know, I dont see why they shouldnt be represented.

    To be honest I would take an intelligent and complicated gay character that walks the halls of the moral grey over a wholesome, maybe boring, one. As long as the reasoning is good and is done well it can be very satisfying, Prince Jack its a recent example of that.

  • Chris

    Seriously? “All gay characters must be bad guys?” Almost every gay character on TV is the catty, fashionable best friend to the lead girl. I’m GLAD that there’s a gay villain. It means that they’re having characters who just happen to be gay, rather than having their gayness define them. But Sci-Fi shows have always been good about that.

    Queerty, you guys just don’t know what to be mad about do you?

  • SuperCat

    He is not a one-sided villain character though. I presume he is more complicated then that. Plus that guy he killed in the pilot totally deserved it too.

  • dgz

    queerty’s last editor actually knew about sci fi.
    there ARE NO villains on BSG, and likely none on Caprica, either.
    everyone is morally ambiguous.

  • The Gay Numbers

    The whole point of BSG is that no matter what any of our prior sins are we are all deserving of life. I remember one character explaining why, for example, Dr. Baltar is deserving of life. If Caprica is anything like BSG, the thesis will be that there are no saints or heros. Just screwed up humans making fucked up choices under fucked up circumstances. So, let’s take advantage of life.

  • The Gay Numbers

    By the way- my point is that they are treating the gay character like everyone else on the show. What Queerty and others seem to want are moments of affirmation and validation that it is okay to be gay. The problem is that you also want to severely limit characterization to those things that make you comfortable. What would you have them do in a show that is entirely based on screwed up people- have the gay guy not be screwed up? How is that making gay okay?

  • Scott

    Sam Adama? Isn’t he a mayor who’s also heir to a beer fortune?

  • M Shane

    Lee Adama is as gay as they come, as is Kara Thrice a dykelike no other. Doesn’t anyone watch this fun piece of Sci Fi.

    I don’t know whats wrong with a gay person playing a bad guy or the character being a bad guy, it certainly happens in real life. He would have to be gutsy but some gay peole are.

  • ctSF

    I’m kinda bummed he’s a villain myself, but the pilot was so amazing that I’m going to shelve it. It’s too bad that Gaeta, from Battlestar, was identified as being gay only towards the last few episodes he appeared in, despite the fact he, too, went the quasi-villain route.

  • WTF?

    I’m sure more than one person has uttered this feeling, but I didn’t feel up to reading all the comments. That said, isn’t this the POST GAY world everyone’s been bitching for? A time when it doesn’t have to be scrutinized as a sleight? That we can be heros, villains, hairdressers, and doctors – or just regular joes/janes.

  • The Gay Numbers

    @WTF?: Yes, but there are as many gay people have a vested interest in preventing that sort of post-gay world from happening as there are homobigots there. People become vested in certain narratives. Change that narratives, and they will attack you for touching their sacred cow.

  • razz

    just because we’re a minority doesn’t mean we have to be portrayed pristinely without a character flaw. so what if he’s a villain? at least he’s gay. gay people are like str8 people, some a heroes, some are villains :)

  • Quack

    Guys- You’re missing the point of this site. By now it should be obvious that Queerty’s purpose is to present radical right-leaning tactics and viewpoints, with a pro-gay viewpoint. Anyone who disagrees with Queerty’s kneejerk ever-changing to suit whatever mood/ desire for page views orthodoxy it’s peddling this week is an immediate enemy of state and must be destroyed.

    Has Queerty shown any desire to look into its ludicrous and overhyped opinions and see if there’s any basis or merit? No, because should they present nuance or substance, they would no longer be able to be the shrieking gay Nazi they think will gain them some level of respect.

    Of course, this from a site that has no bylines and whose “editors” don’t actually exist. Why do you keep falling for it?

  • The Gay Numbers

    @Quack: Point taken. I said I would not take the bait before now, but it is nice to read someone else voice the same view.

  • tricky ricky

    good grief you people will bitch about anything. like there are no gay mafiosos on caprica.

  • Like a Duck

    @quack You’ve crystallized my thoughts. Gawker’s server outage practically forced me to come on here today, and I was thinking to myself that this place is like the Free Republic of gay blogs. Attributing posts would be a nice start if Queerty wanted to take a stab at legitimacy.

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