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The Top 10 Reasons Neil Patrick Harris Will Crush the Tony Awards

Just because How I Met Your Mother is on summer hiatus doesn’t mean Neil Patrick Harris is taking a break from being cute! He’s gonna host the shit out of Sunday’s Tony Awards and to gear up for the theatre madness he hit up David Letterman to rehearse his lines. (Oh, and deliver the Top 10 List about “Signs You’ve Hired A Bad Tony Awards Host.”)

And while we’re on the topic of NPH, check out these crazies who turned to Google Earth to track down his house — and then proceeded to chalk his driveway.

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  • Dabq

    He’ll probably be ranked one of the best hosts ever, and, as the most adorable, out guy on television, that helps too!

  • Alex

    Johnny Walker Black? Come on Dave, for NPH you could have sprung for something single barrel.

  • rsquared

    Take THAT, Anderson Cooper.

  • drew brown

    loved it! really good. david letterman is 100 times funnier than leno.

  • Mike

    Three things, the first completely off topic from the video, but Niel Patrick Harris needs to make a sequel to Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog, second, the lights coming up and the pants coming down would most definitely be a good thing this year :) and third, number one sign that you have a bad host “he’s straight”… is Niel admitting he’s going to be a bad host or that he’s not straight :p

  • Quinn

    @Mike: Um, Mike? NPH has been out and proud for well over a year now. Probably more like two.

  • dizzy spins

    Love NPH and think he’ll do a great job, but wasn’t his delivery kind of stiff? Strange for a guy who’s mastered stage and screen. Maybe they gave him the script at the last minute–or that swig of Johnny Walker threw him.

    Who else wants the crowd at the Tonys to shout “Lights up, pants down! Lights up pants down!”

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