NY Fashion Week

The Top 29 Things Pam Ann Hates About New York Fashion Week

Pam Ann, the saucy stewardess alter-ego of Australian funny girl Caroline Reid. has toured with Cher, crewed a private jet for Elton John, had her own TV show Down Under and  appeared in promotions for Air France, Lufthansa and British Airways, among others.

At a performance at New York’s Triad Theater last week, Pam made a prank call to the Turkish restaurant downstairs, talked Grindr with a pair of Aussie boys, flirted with some Mexican cabin crew and delivered a bottle of bubbly to choreographer Nick Kenkel and his boyfriend.

Like the defunct airline that inspired her name, Pam Ann is known for her eyecatching style. Part mod fashionista, part drag queen, Pam is the perfect insider to give us a unique take on New York Fashion Week, currently sashaying through Lincoln Center.

We asked for ten tips but, in classic, Pam Ann style, she replied with list of more complaints than a passenger flying economy on Southwest Airlines:

The Top 29 Things Pam Ann Hates About New York Fashion Week

1.    The city is full of anorexic super models. Eat something, you’re hungry!

2.    All the wannabe fashionistas trying too hard to be fabulous.  Too many hexagonal hair cuts and horizontal color blocking stripes.

3.    Valentine’s Day and Fashion Week fall at the same time. Not a great city to be in if you’re fat and single.

4.    Karl Lagerfeld called Adele fat.  Shut the fuck up Karl “Bulimia” Lagerfeld—you used to be a big girl once too!

5.    A little bit of bad taste is like a splash of Nicole Richie.

6.    Bejeweled tears on models. Really?

7.    Anna Wintour could do with being double penetrated. It might put a smile on the witch’s face.

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