The Totally Frightful Issue: Buck Angel

Whether appearing as the Luciferian guest of honor at this year’s Black Party or starring in Brian Mills’ demented sideshow-themed Cirque Noir, FTM porn star Buck Angel has always courted the dark side in his work. But striking fear in the hearts of certain gay men with hang-ups just comes with the job when you’re the only cigar chomping, double-fist taking, bad ass Daddy with a vagina in the business.

Fresh from working hard and playing harder at Berlin’s Hustlaball and Venus Fair, a recuperating Buck was too under the weather to talk on the phone, but he graciously put up with Matt Sussman’s needling over email.

Unless you’re a total scaredy cat, you’ll dive into the jump to ch-ch-check it out…

Matt Sussman: How was your trip to Berlin?

Buck Angel: Berlin was amazing to say the least. I was so welcomed there and the attitude towards sex and sexuality is so refreshing compared to the US. Yes, I made an appearance at the Hustlaball, which was great. I did a double fisting scene with the guys from and then did a small solo act. The crowd went crazy. I was also there to attend Venus Fair, which is the big adult industry convention and expo. I was promoting my line of DVDs with my new distribution company, Shots Video. It was great! My DVDs are selling ten times better in Europe.

MS: Since it’s The Totally Frightful Issue, what scares you the most?

BA: The Bush administration. What a fucking horror story that is. You could not make up a scarier situation. It is like a very bad dream. I still cannot believe that is the USA. They have totally dismantled the Constitution. It is tragic and scary. When I was in Berlin I got to see what the real news is like. How they tell the real story about what the fuck is going on with that government.

MS: Conversely, have you encountered much trans-phobia in making your own niche within the adult entertainment industry?

BA: Unfortunately, yes I have. The US industry is just starting to accept me after three long years of pushing to get in, but that is just how it is when you are a pioneer. Believe me, it was not easy, but damn worth the struggle. I was kind of surprised to find out that the adult industry is totally conservative and closed-minded! But, my perseverance is paying off.

MS: You mentioned in your last Queerty interview back in February that you received lots of fan mail from gay men about Cirque Noir, saying you’re the sexiest man they’ve ever seen and that although they do not desire to be sexual with women, they want to fuck your “man pussy.” What do you think about a lot of the dirty talk that some gay men use during sex or in chat rooms or porn, such as “manpussy,” “mangina,” “breeding,” etc? Are these expressions of gender play or do they betray a certain amount of anxiety about gender?

BA: That’s a great question! I don’t think it is about anxiety about gender. I think it is just that men are so sexually raw when they get horny. I think they just let go and feel their bodies and don’t have any hang ups at that moment. I know that since my transition the hormones have made me feel much more free in my body that way (once I became totally comfortable with myself in my head). Whereas before, when I had more estrogen, I was much more inhibited about those things.

MS: Do you think that the BDSM and fetish scenes have less hang ups about you being trans?

BA: For sure they do; they tend to be the ones who have been the biggest supporters of my work. I think because they are less judgmental and more open about sex in general.

MS: What was it like being the guest of honor at the Black Party last March–the country’s largest gay leather circuit party?

BA: I was so honored to be a part of the Black Party. It was a wonderful and amazing experience. The guys who run it are so professional and such a pleasure to work with. They took a huge chance in casting me for that show, but it worked and I would say it was a big success.

MS: I know you’re still recovering from your European trip, but do you have any Halloween plans?

BA: Well, yes I am recovering from that long busy trip! I am back in my home in Mexico (in the Yucatan) and this will be my first year here. I am not sure if they celebrate Halloween. But if so I will dress up like a scary monster and hand out candy to the kids! God, I sound like an old man now!! The day after, they do celebrate “Day of the Dead” here, and I’m looking forward to seeing what that is like.

MS: Finally, what is your favorite horror film?

BA: FOX NEWS!! No just kidding. Well, not really, but my favorite horror movie would have to be Alien.