The Totally Frightful Issue: Tom Tom Club
Remember The Tom Tom Club? Sure you do! How could anyone forget the Talking Heads’ spin-off new wave girl group?

If you don’t know them, you’ve certainly heard at least some variation of their monster single, “Genius of Love:” it’s allegedly the most sampled song in the world.

Sure, it’s a great song and all, but we’ve always been partial to “Wordy Rappinghood,” which you may recognize from the Chicks on Speed cover. We love it so much, we’ve posted a vintage video above.

So, why does this qualify as part of The Totally Frightful Issue? Their lip synching scares the pants off us, their dancing reminds us of a strung out zombie, and the random Spanish announcement caught us off guard.

While there may be a few scary things about this video, it’s still totally fucking awesome.

But, don’t take our word for it…