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The Tragic Tale of Tori Spelling as a Hoarder… of Gay Men

She may be a successful self-branding mogul these days—selling her products on QVC, starring in two popular reality-television shows, churning out best-selling books every other month—but Tori Spelling will always be the long suffering virgin Donna to us. Sigh.

It’s no secret that Tori is a good friend to the gays. She has a gay BFF and recently showed up at OUTFest. She’s always willing to lend her name to our causes, too. But who knew there was a deep dark secret that she was keeping from her fans? Tori Spelling is a hoarder. Of gay men—including one Clay Aiken! See for yourself…

Scott Wallis is the co-host of the Queerty/GayCities-sponsored Swish Edition comedy & interview talk show. This week’s new episode features music by Sam Tsui and covers psychics, redhead appreciation parties, and the Lady Gaga/Bette Midler feud.

Photo via Funny or Die

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  • Kevin

    Cute! I love Tori and Dean! Such an adorable family.

  • Alexspade93

    LOL! It’s very funny. I like Tori and Dean.

  • Pitou

    CUTE! <3

  • AedanRoberts

    I couldn’t stop laughing. Excellent job.

  • Hephaestion

    So funny! Tori is wonderful.

  • christopher di spirito

    Tori Spelling is remarkably well-adjusted when you stop to consider she was raised by a self-absorbed bitch of a mother named Candy Spelling.

  • asa1973

    Now THIS is how you laugh with (not at) teh gays. Spot on. Hilarious!

  • newgenerationrules

    I find it funny that nobody thinks this video perpetuates stereotypes of what gays are or more importantly what gay culture is and what its suppose to mean when these types of characters are widespread across all media usually written and produced by Xers who themselves are lost in their own era and mindest of the world around them …. younger people cannot relate

  • kuy

    It’s pretty funny, but i had to chase out of my head the implication that gays are merely things, fashion accesories, for fag hags. But not all humor has to be nice, and this was genuinely funny with no clear intent to insult or hurt.

  • boOmers&genxSUCK

    THERE COMFORTABLE WITH STEREOTYPES….. remember people born after lets say 1981 have no political or social influence in our society yet and its funny that were on the brink of a new renaissance and revolution that will be brought on by younger people and younger thoughts and ideas….The OLDS are pretty much set in there ways and corporations that run our society have them locked in place and as 2 generations the boomers & X will not shake things up rather only try to preserve all the corrupt and greedy systems we live under because it benefits them most of course and its all they have ever known young younger people are screwed culturally, politically, socially, and monetarily until the UPRISING BEGINS and I think it already has….

    rYse OF THE wYse

  • BradSA

    I would have picked Clay too.

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