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The trans proections bill ‘means sexual predators going after young children’

SOUNDBITES — “This is a bill that begins to confuse the gender differences between men and women to the point of trying to allow men to use women’s restrooms, and, of course, that means sexual predators going after young children.” —Focus on the Family’s Tom Minnery speaking out against a Massachusetts bill that would add gender identity to hate crimes protections [Bay Windows, On Top]

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  • naprem

    That’s one hell of a logic jump.

    Kind of like the one where they say, god created everything and god is perfect therefore everything is perfect… oh except for you lot over there.

  • Celia

    It’s like he turned over a few pages at once. “Sugar is bad for you and cakes are made with sugar and this means…eggs are high in protein”.

    I am a lady, and I use public lavatories, some of them quite grimy and unpleasant (when you have to go…), and yet the precise shape of the genitalia of the person in any of the other cubicles has never been an issue. People who commit sexual crimes are not doing so because the law said it was okay. They are disobeying the law, that’s the whole point. Furthermore, most sexual attacks are committed by someone known to the victim, often someone considered “safe” by others. Statistically, a child is more likely to be sexually abused by a parent. Obviously, children should be kept away from everyone to be on the safe side.

    TL;DR: this man is stupid.

  • michael_elliott

    cause, you know, sexual predators NEVER prey on kids of their own gender. EVER.

    first, all the gays are pedophiles.

    then, all the straights are pedophiles and it’s our fault for letting straight people into the other bathroom.

  • Leto

    I guess this means the Catholic Priesthood is all for this legislation!

  • galefan2004

    Most of the pedophiles (even the ones that abuse young boys in this country) are STRAIGHT WHITE MALES. That is a fact that most want you to forget. Also, I blame Focus on the Family for pedophilia because they paint this boogie man picture. They would have you believe that your child is safer if you leave them with your heterosexual priest in a church you just started attending than if you leave them with your gay neighbor that you have known all your life. This line of stupidity makes it much easier for pedophiles to operate.

  • galefan2004

    @michael_elliott: That still isn’t as good as Keith Oberman (my newest guilty pleasure) last night talking about the circular logic about how the CIA never lies unless a Repug claims it is.

  • Elisabeth

    @michael_elliott: Nice. I was thinking exactly the same thing. Has anyone else ever noticed how ultra conservative men view other men as just the most rapacious sexual predators? What does that say about their inner demons?

  • TANK

    The first amendment enables religious people to abuse their kids by filling their minds with horror stories about the torments of hell, daemons, and whatnot–while telling them that if they don’t believe, they’ll wind up there! And they never tell them it’s just a scary story, either!

    This guy’s a douchebag. He belongs in the seventies.

  • Jayson

    I love the bizzare leaps in logic, equity in law = pedo’s coming out of the woodwork to attack our little angels. Its as bad as Mayor Berry saying his lawlessness is also part of the gay agenda … to oust him

  • Obam Amabo

    Parent’s will be suspicious of any man that wants to use the same restroom as their daughter. That’s nothing more than common sense and triggers a defense response from parents [in this case from Tom Minnery and Focus on the Family ] that the fans of this site should expect. Tom Minnery is concerned with the purity and safety of children. Perpetrators blame their victims. It’s a disturbing pattern of the left.

  • Republican

    Mr. Palindrome,

    No one is blaming the victim here. Focus on the [traditional] Family workers use absurd scare tactics, paint all who don’t meet their strict views with a broad brush despite lots of evidence to the contrary, etc.. IOW, they’re telling falsehoods that they know cannot be true to get more $upport. If you think that’s what Jesus wants His warriors to do, then Lord have mercy on your soul.

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