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The Trans Thailand’s Got Talent Singer With The Stunning Voice

One small advantage kathoey Thailand’s Got Talent have over the competition: years of training their voices in both high and low pitches. Which is why this contestant, appearing on the show’s most recent episode, had the show’s judges, hosts, and audience in a tizzy. Pair her with Dana International, and we’ll have a smash trans track.

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  • Matt

    She was actually born a boy. It’s really common in Thailand to have transgender idols(singers, actors, etc.)I’m just really stunned at her beauty and how that amazing(masculine)voice comes out of her. I saw this on the show and it said(about her back story) that she was bullied and beaten, her father tried to beat the gay out of her but she still loves him(I’m not sure how much this translation is accurate).

  • Adonis-of-Fire

    She is very beautiful, and both her girlish soprano and her baritone are pretty good!

  • Sofia Gently

    Very nice!!!

  • Tori

    @Matt: I think everyone is a aware of that.

  • gina

    I know Matt, isn’t it amazing a transgender woman could actually be, like, attractive or even, gulp, look like a woman. Right!? *sarcasm over*

  • kernelt

    she’s beautiful and a great singer

  • Frank

    From a quick search, apparently her name is Bell Nantita? or Nantita Kumphiranon (??????? ??????????? in Thai).

  • Frank

    Apparently Queerty is not equipped to deal with Thai characters so they show up as question marks… Anyway, it appears she is more widely known as Bell Nuntita.

  • Shannon1981

    She is very talented! Hope she wins.

  • Holidays To Thailand

    The actual surprise need to go to Bell Nuntita, the transgender who can switch voice from female to male. He or she ought to be the unofficial Thailand’s Got Talent winner. I just wonder just how much it will expense to inject themselves with those hormones to maintain their beauty. And at what cost, seeking at those that are before him/her

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