The Trevor Project Is Finally Going to Get With This ‘Web Chat’ Thing

Yes, all the kids these days have mobile phones. But the novelty of “total phone” — does anyone under 18 even know what that is? — and things like caller ID aren’t just taken for granted, they’re often ignored, because young people are texting, IMing, BBMing, Facebooking, and Tweeting, not dialing. Not only has all this new keyboard-based technology changed the way young people communicate, it’s changed the way they interact socially. And that includes their comfort level with counselors, like those at the Trevor Project, a organization founded for LGBT young people that offers a national hotline. But now they’ve got plans to let kids actually communicate with trained counselors over the web.

It’s one of these “well, duh” sort of innovations. We can get live support from our credit card companies, cable operators, and favorite online web stores via chat, and soon America’s queer youth will be able to get that same support from the Trevor Project, as its executive director tells Waymon Hudson of Fight Out Loud. This is excellent news, in a world where it’s sometimes easier for parents to get their kid’s attention by texting him.

Which is what advocacy groups should be doing: adapting and evolving.