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The True Stories of 2 Different Sickos


QUEERTY SELECTS — There are two news articles we are obsessing over this week, and so should you. This is significant, because we spend most of our day reading absolute garbage. Usually in the form of emails from our boss. But not this week!

Because we’ve got our eyes set on this mind-blowing gaze into Wisconsin teen Tony Stancl, who conned other boys at his high school to text him naked photos of themselves by pretending to be a girl, and then used those pics to blackmail them into giving him the sex. You’ve read about him here before; now learn his fate, and what happened with his 30+ victims.


And the second story we are basically skipping work to finish is the tale of Huffington Post writer Carol Anne Burger (pictured, left), who almost certainly killed her software exec wife Jessica Kalish by stabbing her with a screwdriver. Two hundred twenty-two times. Then she killed herself when police grew, uh, suspicious.

If you’ve got an extended lunch break, dive in.


BONUS: You need more bad news from the world of homos? Then learn Taleon Goffney, who starred with his twin brother Keyontyl (pictured, on the left) in gay porn movies, faces up to eight years in prison after accepting a plea deal on two burglaries.