The True Story of 7 Gay Bloggers Who Stop Being Polite and Start Getting Real

What counts as drama on reality television? Running out of tequila, according to Jersey Shore. Faulty hair extensions, according to The Hills. Flavors in discord, according to Top Chef. But how about on a show featuring seven LGBT bloggers?

Having your laptop stripped away from you and being forced to share one computer!


That’s the pitch from Xem Van Adams, who’s been working on a treatment for the past there months. Yes, really. And as much as we love this kid, and as much as we don’t want to shit on anyone’s master plan, The Blogger is going nowhere.

Reality shows about bloggers have been pitched to every network. Almost all of them were dead within weeks. E!, LOGO, MTV, and Bravo have all heard from wannabe showman with very similar ideas, but none of these pitches get made into a show. (We know this from first- and second-hand experience.) Namely, because bloggers are uninteresting. Take it from us: We are boring people. We barely make good web copy; we certainly don’t make good television.

And while Xem could fill a segment about cruising at America’s big box retailers, it’s foolish to think YouTube vloggers, gay or otherwise, can capture television audiences. Logging on to Facebook and uploading clips is not good television.

Well, aside from trans beauty B. Scott. That girl is addictive. And like Scott, the guys from the web series In The Loop make for good camera time not because they’re invested in some website, but because they’re engaging characters stirring up some shit.

“You think that millions won’t tune in to watch us on screen?,” asks Xem. “Please.” Well, because he said please, we’ll explain further: The only way you’re going to turn a reality show about queer bloggers into a success is to Real Housewives-it-up in a gross exploitation of gay drama. Xem describes The Blogger as “The Real World meets True Life.” But in the hands of skilled reality show producers, trust: The Blogger is going to be as terrible for gay Americans as Jersey Shore is for Italian-Americans.

But hey, prove us wrong. (And in the comments, tell Queerty who you’d want to see cast.)

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  • RJ

    I use to enjoy Xem’s work, and then I realized he’s way too in-love with himself. A television show would be a terrible idea.

  • wondermann

    It’s an omega fail. No offense, but he’s not any different than any other gay guy

  • aaron

    Slightly off topic, but oh my god can we get a bigger picture of the cover pic here? With the guy shirtless with his computer?

  • Taylor Siluwé

    I agree that the only way it would work is to grossly exploit gay drama. Sad, but true. However, this is coming from someone who loathes reality TV and wishes the entire time-wasting genre would crawl away and die alone in the rain.

  • jimmy

    I made it to .24, then I could take no more.

  • alan brickman

    This is too self involved….

  • Attmay

    @4 Taylor Siluwé:

    You said it. I’ve hated reality TV since day one. It’s more manipulative than scripted television ever could be, even the “Hallmark Hall of Fame” movies about dogs named Christmas who teach life lessons and have cancer.

  • Helga von ornstein

    Let us hope that Rupaul’s Drag Race 2 will be enough to make LOGO think twice before cheapening itself with this type of foolishness being passed off as entertainment.

    This type of gay foolishness is where it belongs, Youtube.com and let’s hope it stays there.

  • Quake

    After watching him for a brief moment. He seems to be into himself alot. I don’t know if this is a good thing or just plain arrogance wrapped in a Kanye West PMS moment. But a useless show of queers who blog? Kind of funny, but I’ll give him a chance.

  • Phillipe Kleefield

    The Last time I checked B. Scott wasn’t Trans.

  • Helga von ornstein

    After giving it some thought how about a reality show like title: So YOU want to wear International Male Underwear!

    The contestants: a skinny, razor thin twink, a meth’ed out twenty-something, a just released (for the third time)from rehab thirty-something, an alcoholic forty-something and a lonely, frustrated over-the-hill (and “she” knows it) frowning fifty-something all get together and see, within 6-8 weeks, who has lost-gained the most to fit into a tight, bulge and butt highlighting pair of OVERPRICED, garbagie but eye catching (at least in the locker room) cheap, made in China pair of briefs.

    And to be fair to her for putting this idea into my head we will let girl featured here in the video be one of the obnoxious,jealous judges.

    For those of you who are into television or have husbands/boyfriends/friends who are I’ll bet as desperate as Ballys is for suckers…er,um, I mean members, I’ll bet a nickel and a piece of sweet potato pie (I’m not cheap, I just don’t have your kind of money) they will sit down and listen to this proposal and then go strait to Bravo with it.

    I’ll also bet the show will be at minimum two season hit. How about you?

  • Mike in Brooklyn

    RE: Aaron No. 3: The guy in the cover shot is Davey Wavey. The queerty crowd loves AND hates him. Here is his blog, there is a link to his YouTube videos:


  • meltelly

    I hope they get the perspective of a blind, black, lesbian and old -Woman-….Do they blog?….I’m all for it…Yes, more, more!

  • Paolo

    I would find it unexpected to see if these people are as eccentric as they are when cameras are following them around and instead of the opposite. I don’t think these people would be interesting because blogging (especially vlogging) takes a lot of time to prepare and I don’t think they are spontaneous enough to connect ideas quickly and succinctly.

  • RLS

    This may be interesting if this guy weren’t so desperate to be famous. You can see the flop sweat, the desire for FAME and HOLLYWOOD and it’s really unappealing.

    Xem, a little advice since I KNOW you’re reading this. Dial back the desperation a little, or at least to the point where it’s only vaguely detectable.

    Your audience needs to know there’s a point to all this beyond Z-list gaylebrity fame, and right now, I’m not so sure.

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