The “Truth” About Kevin Spacey’s “Attack”

Via those British gossips over at Pop Bitch:

Remember in 2004 when Kevin Spacey got “brutally mugged” while walking his dog at 430am? And then how Spacey revealed he hadn’t been mugged but “fell for a con”, where a kid stole his mobile phone and Spacey, running after him tripped over his dog?

What really happened was this. Spacey had taken a shine to a waiter where he was dining. He handed him a 20 pound note tip with his phone number on, and the star-struck waiter agreed to meet him later.

The two men then got trashed together. While walking back to Spacey’s apartment near the Old Vic to continue their drinking session, they passed through a nearby park. Spacey made a suggestion to the waiter about what they could do next. Not liking this suggestion, the straight but rather worse for wear waiter, punched the star in the face.

Afterwards, Spacey’s lawyers suggested rather strongly to him that he might want to keep the story to himself. The waiter wasn’t interested in selling his story or taking any hush money and has kept a dignified silence ever since.


That sounds pretty believable to us. What say you, readers?

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  • jnd90745

    kevin spacey fan here, but i’m buying the above story. kudos to the the dignified assailant.

  • Mark

    The only thing that doesn’t make sense is that the waiter was unaware of Spacey’s sexual orientation. If you were a good-looking waiter who wasn’t already on friendly terms with Spacey, why in the world would he ask you to go out “drinking” with him?

  • Rowen

    I don’t buy this. Your customer not only gives you a big tip, but also puts his phone number on it. That usually means something naughty or something romantic, and with big bells. To then be suprised after he calls the number and then spends an evening of the two just drinking. . . no one’s THAT stupid.

  • Dawster

    i can say that where i used to live in florida, there were always one or two stories a year of a baptist or catholic preacher who got “attacked” when trying to “assist” or “help” a young man. the attacks were always early in the morning… and they were somewhat violent – but not brutal.

    in one case, the police (it was later revealed) moved the crime scene from it’s location in a parking lot, across the street to the preacher’s office.

    so, for me… YES… totally believable.

  • ProfessorVP

    Total unalloyed bullshit. The place where Kevvie was “assaulted” was a well-known cruising park. If you know anything about him, you know why he was there. If he had made a date for 20 pounds (what’s that these days, $50 US dollars?) with the cutie, he would have just invited him upstairs. The silliest part of the tale is that the waiter was straight and his dignity insulted. Moral of story: not only do gay trollers know where to cruise, muggers also know.

  • Mark

    a more likely scenario: Spacey got stinking drunk on their “date” and the waiter became disinterested. Spacey didn’t take “no thanks” very well. Doesn’t justify the waiter’s assault, just explains it.

  • ProfessorVP

    Nonsense. If you have already made a “date” and even paid for the “date” there is no need to go to a park with your “date.” Spacey was there to troll.

  • DavidDust

    Rough trade!

  • inciting

    How stupid must you be to think the coolest cat out there wants to make friends with you for no reason? Honestly…

    Really though: What I wanna know is what kinda guy would dare to punch Keyzer Soze in the fucking face?

  • Paul Raposo

    “what kinda guy would dare to punch Keyzer Soze in the fucking face?”

    Ha! Brilliant, inciting, absolutely brilliant 8^)

  • Realeza

    Frankly, this is pathetic. I’d really like to see Popbitch’s “sources” – probably some anonymous hoax, as usual. Popping up three
    years after the alleged events!

    The original story was already nothing else but a laughable tabloïd construct, and this is just a new construct over the previous one. Of
    course, as so little is known about the man’s private life, the desperate gossip-mongers are reduced to resurrecting an old dish – with a new relish.
    Seriously, do such people as Spacey need hitting on waiters to get what they want? Please give me a break! Whatever your sexual preference may be,
    there are more discreet and comfortable ways to get satisfied when you have a private life to protect… and a lot of money! Besides, who
    will believe any high-profile celebrity would give his/her personal phone number to a complete unknown? This unlikely detail knocks the whole story down.

    Yet another made up “prince and poor” fantasy for the gullible hoï polloï… :-)

  • the duke

    My oh my, you seem to be having all the answers over here. But, may I be so polite as to suggest you actually visit London and listen to some stories over there?

    I can assure you there are plenty of Spacey stories about, but I’m affraid they’re not gay related.

    I could also tell you about the time he came on to one of my (female) yes you read right, friends, strongly. Or about the times I’ve seen him operate and pick up his date for the night, sorry to say those weren’t guys either.

    But then I would be doing the same as all those people posting their stories and eye witness accounts of events… which I never believe so I won’t bore you with it.

    Again, come over to London and you can see for yourself. But a word of caution; I doubt it will be what you want to see or hear.

    don’t shoot the messenger!

  • Carlyle

    Taking this from another board:

    “All Spacey gay rumors is a bunch of BS.
    I have this friend who works at this nightclub in London and Spacey is a frequent customer, with quite a reputation, not because of his hitting on guys but because of his hitting on girls.
    My friend has told me plenty of stories, one of which I remember rather well; he had been hitting it off with this (young) girl, but when push came to show she decided not to leave with him because of her boyfriend…
    He spent about 15 minutes trying to change her mind ( no one will ever know, yadayadaya, you know the drill) , but she left anyway not much later after that. He was not too happy about that, my friend couldn’t help remarking, somewhat gleefully.
    It didn’t stop him however, from hitting on this other girl, cold ten minutes after girl number one had left, and this time more successfully because she left with him about 30 minutes later.
    It strikes as odd should a guy presumably gay spend a lot of time in our club where the people mainly are straight and often picks up the most beautiful girls. And I can tell you he does this often. He’s becoming a freaking legend because of it down here.
    Gay! My foot!
    The man’s had more women in the years he’s been in London than you and I will, combined for the rest of our lives!”

    But all this seems to be a thing of the past by now. There are echoes from the London Old Vic (Spacey’s theatre) that indicate he’s presently in a stable relationship with a female co-worker, and will soon be a father (unless he’s one already, with such a secretive actor you never know).
    So much for the fanatical gay activists, the raging homophobes and of course the tabloids hacks who dare not utter a word about it, otherwise they’d have to shamefully apologise for having wrongly harassed Spacey for the last twelve years. :-)

  • Zorah B.

    Another interesting version of the story:

    From the London Sentinel, nov. 28, 2007.

    [quote]Spacey’s mugged Phone Belonged to…

    The cell phone at the centre of actor Kevin Spacey’s “mugging” incident in London – in 2004 – belonged not to him but to the producer of his Darin movie “Beyond the Sea”

    The two time academy winning actor, was “walking his dog” in the early hours of the morning in April 2004 in a south London park when his cell phone was snatched off him. Now we’ve been told by a source demanding absolute anonymity “the cell phone did not belong to Kevin, but to Andy Paterson”.

    So… what’s going on here? Our source claims he has the real story behind the bizarre mugging incident. A story that seems to revolve more around Andy Paterson and his troubled teen daughter, rather than Kevin Spacey.

    Our source: “Andy called Kevin, practically hysterical, telling him he had a fight with his daughter and that she had run off. He had looked for her everywhere but couldn’t find her. She’s very fond of Kevin and Andy hoped she might have contacted him. Kevin told Andy he had not heard from, or seen her but said he would come over.

    When he arrived, Andy showed him his cell phone loaded with messages from his daughter asking him to collect her. She, however, did not pick up, when Andy called her. Kevin had just advised Andy to alert the police when there was a text message from Andy’s daughter asking him to pick her up. After this text message Andy freaked out completely. He told Kevin a story, I’m not willing to share, about his daughter, and was about to head over there with both guns blazing to get his daughter. But Kevin told him to stay put and that he would go and get her. He took the phone in case she should call.

    What happened, exactly, after that, I don’t know, what I do know is that he ran into the wrong kind of people, while looking for her and got into trouble. The rest is, more or less, known”

    But why did Spacey tell the police this story about being mugged while walking his dog? Why did he not just tell the truth then?

    Our source: “Many people have asked him that. My take is he did not want to betray Andy’s trust and did not want to drag their story to the frontpages”

    This story remains a riddle…'”[/quote]

    Enough twisted to be likely, though. Much more likely than the waiter’s story at least.

  • Zorah B.

    Me again. :-)

    REALEZA said:
    [Frankly, this is pathetic. I’d really like to see Popbitch’s “sources” – probably some anonymous hoax, as usual. Popping up three
    years after the alleged events!
    The original story was already nothing else but a laughable tabloïd construct, and this is just a new construct over the previous one.]

    You’re right, pal, and even righter than you may know. Here’s the proof:

    (scroll down to n° 43)

    As you can see, the “journalist” just recycled together two unrelated gossips, and here we go: a brand new blind item for the “gullible hoï polloi” as you say…
    Those BI are truly a plague.

  • Jenny

    I think #13 is Mr. Spacey himself. But what he said, might also be quite true.

    It is also possible that whatever the actual details of the event, that the ‘mugging’ had something to do with a homosexual encounter.

    It’s possible, he’s either bisexual, or he might be feverishly trying to prove he’s not gay (and thus denying who he is) by going against nature and being with women.

  • a f r

    I dated an actor who is quite famous in the UK. He read for Kevin Spacey and Kevin hit on him.

  • Mr. New York

    Well… I started being an actor in New York during breaks in college and met waiters/actors. I’ve heard that Kevin is not gay… he is apparently just more sordid.. he likes teenage girls and guys in a sex ring.. he invited my friend to a sex ring (both young teenage guys and girls)…. my friend freaked out…but apparently people who participated got “rewarded”. One of them is the now semi-famous Billy Crudup. It’s sorta like getting a promotion by sleeping with your bosses to climb the corporate ladder. However, I believe that if you have true talent, you don’t need to sleep with anyone….just like Julia Roberts (doesn’t even need to take off her clothes for her 25M paycheck, unlike Natalie Portman, tons of other girls). Well, this is rather common in New York… I get pressured to sleep with film directors / producers a lot after auditions … the bait is always “I will make you famous”….I don’t believe in that shit and find that people who abuse their power / privilege are disgusting. I find Kevin Spacey endearing but he’s kinda weird and psychotic (too intelligent, too much impersonations, kinda like silence of the land). He is very sexy, charming and obviously a brilliant actor and a Hollywood star but he really gives me the creeps…dunno why…

  • Gayman's cometh

    Haha, Spacey’s Keysersoze-esque dark legend, love it! Nice fanfiction indeed, Mr. New York, thanks for playing.

  • OVinsider

    Oh, déjà vu. I’m not gonna lie, this is at least the ten thousandth “Spacey hit on a friend of mine” story we’ve been reading on the internet. Aw, poor Kev, with this old tired gay rumour dogging him, he can’t be simply warm and nice to a man without being suspected at once of hitting on him. How irritating that must be!

    Sorry if I hurt some feelings on this blog, but all the well-informed and unprejudiced people know what’s the big scoop about Kevin Spacey’s alleged “double life”. The awful truth is revealed and duly sourced in the Wikipedia, but rumours die hard, and it sounds like his being so decent, discreet and private just drives the cybergossips crazy. The harder he resists the pressure for publicising his private life, the more slanderous the assumptions and fantasies are getting over the years. He already replied to that a long time ago: “The bottom line is my private life is nobody’s business. Which can get me into more trouble than if I babbled all over the place. In this day and age, if you’re not a public freak, people assume you’re a private one.” Brilliant illustration here with n° 18’s story: “Kevin’s not gay, oh no, it’s much worse than that, believe me”.

    I’m gonna tell you a little secret, people: in that sort of outrageous gossip-mongering, the important thing is not so much whom it is talked about, but rather who is talking, and why. It might be quite enlightening to know that poster’s motivation for coming to this old and not obviously accessible page. No doubt they are highly honourable. However, I can’t help but notice that this sh*t about Spacey is popping up as by coincidence when he’s just been appointed as a teacher of contemporary theatre at St Catherine’s college, Oxford, where plenty of young boys and girls are impatiently waiting for him to come like a messiah. No surprise if a bunch of jealous people have a personal interest in spreading that new rumour under the cover of anonymity. Who said “disgusting”?

  • Ringmaster

    “I dated an actor who is quite famous in the UK. He read for Kevin Spacey and Kevin hit on him.”

    A likely version of the facts might very well be that the “quite famous actor” auditioned for a part and wasn’t considered good enough for the Old Vic. As a (cheap) revenge he made up that casting couch story out of anger and bitterness. That’s just the way it goes in this sad world of ours… :-)

  • Salome

    He was there to troll and got mugged, simple as that. He’s well known on both the London and Dublin gay scene, so really no surprise but really shouldn’t we just let him Troll in peace?

  • Dave

    Agreed 22. Spacey is closeted and sleazy.

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