The “Truth” About Kevin Spacey’s “Attack”

Via those British gossips over at Pop Bitch:

Remember in 2004 when Kevin Spacey got “brutally mugged” while walking his dog at 430am? And then how Spacey revealed he hadn’t been mugged but “fell for a con”, where a kid stole his mobile phone and Spacey, running after him tripped over his dog?

What really happened was this. Spacey had taken a shine to a waiter where he was dining. He handed him a 20 pound note tip with his phone number on, and the star-struck waiter agreed to meet him later.

The two men then got trashed together. While walking back to Spacey’s apartment near the Old Vic to continue their drinking session, they passed through a nearby park. Spacey made a suggestion to the waiter about what they could do next. Not liking this suggestion, the straight but rather worse for wear waiter, punched the star in the face.

Afterwards, Spacey’s lawyers suggested rather strongly to him that he might want to keep the story to himself. The waiter wasn’t interested in selling his story or taking any hush money and has kept a dignified silence ever since.


That sounds pretty believable to us. What say you, readers?