The U.S. Ain’t One Of The Top 10 Most Sexually Active Countries

Now that you have your European map of penis sizes, you’re probably wondering which of those countries use their penises the most. Well LGBT activist David Mixner has your top ten list right here in his tight pants’ pocket.

According to him, what follows is a list of the ten most sexually active countries and the number of times their citizens have sex a year:

1. France (137)

2. Greece (133)

3. Serbia (131)

4. Hungary (131)

5. Macedonia (129)

6. Bulgaria (128)

7. Czech Republic (125)

8. Croatia (120)

9. United Kingdom (119)

10. Iceland (119)

Durex condoms released the list, which is good—we were worried someone created it from firsthand experience.

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  • haha

    this is probably because europeans take the time to enjoy their lives whereas we live to work. how about a siesta?

  • Robert in NYC

    Quality of life in most western European Union countries is far better than here. When someone starts a new job there, they are entitled to at least 4 to 6 weeks paid vacation right off the bat. They don’t have to work several years before they’re entitled to 3 or 4 weeks vacation which happens in the U.S. It makes sense why they’re more sexually active than we are. Plus, they don’t have to worry about losing health care if they lose their jobs, it’s guaranteed, no matter one’s status. That’s what I call civilized.

  • Just use your brains, folks...

    I can’t even believe that. The U.S. “didn’t even make the list” because this is a list of European countries, you moron!

    Daniel Villarreal once again in all his genius…

  • Mark

    Mmmmm hairy greek men – I’m there!

  • chink change

    And the two most obvious countries to overcompensate are….

  • Cam

    The reason is easy.

    Unions are weak in the U.S. Most people who have supposed 40 hour a week jobs really work more like 50 hours, and the unemployed people are stressed and spending lots of time applying and interviewing.

    So basically we’re burned out and stressed out compared to the other countries.

    When France mandated a reduction to a 35 hour work week the birth rate their skyrocketed because people actually had more time to have sex.

  • sal

    Spain isn’t on the list??!?!!!!!???!!!!!

    Spanish men are the best

  • rono

    Ok there is something wrong with this study because who the hell put bulgaria, serbia, macedonia (??) on the list. Most people don’t even know where these places are.

  • Uppergardiner

    it’s not because you don’t know where this countries are that they don’t have good sex!

  • This list is relative to European coutries only

    Stop looking for the U.S.!

  • Dr. Dick

    @rono: Then I’m glad I’m not “most people” cuz it sounds like “most people” are ignorant Americans who cannot be bothered to learn anything about anywhere that isn’t a Starbuck’s or an Apple store. Can “most people” use a globe/map/search engine?

  • Hephaestion

    No Italy or Brazil on the Top 10 list? Impossible! And how did all continents except Europe miss the Top 10? I think this list is flawed.

  • Abel

    As this list was presented by a condom company, it stands to reason that it’s probably based on condom usage. Places like Brazil and Spain are heavily Catholic, which would imply there is a cultural bias against condoms, but not against sex, certainly. The US relies more heavily on the pill for contraception than European countries. These results are worthless except as a condom usage indicator.

  • Will

    French men are the best lovers by very, very far. And yes, the US citizens need to realise how much they get fucked over and make a stand.

  • damon459

    @Abel: I was going to say the same thing. I would add though who knows how many of these condoms were actually used for sex? I remember in high school using condoms as water balloons.

  • scribe31

    @damon459: condoms are too expensive to use as water ballons, you would get at least fifty ballons for what you pay for a pack of three rubbers at the gas station. I did jerk off in them(condoms), trying to get use to the feeling and learning on to put them on getting ready for my first time.

  • Petar

    @rono: “most people”…meaning you don’t know where these places are. Most people go to school.

  • PersonX

    Really ?

    This article just goes to show how much junk information can be found on the web.

    When it comes to rankings, you’ll always find opposite views.

    A recent study by Spreadsheets proves that the U.S.A. ranks number ONE in sexual activity :

    I guess this article just “ain’t” for real. It goes to show how much it matters who you ask when compiling rankings.

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