The UK Is So The New Pink

The Top 5 Reasons Queerty Is Oh-So-Envious Of The United Kingdom:

5) Their poufs can get married.

4) They had the original Queer As Folk, one of the most brilliantly-written (and successful) television programs in UK history; we just had the schlocky version on Showtime.

3) The UK is home to Dame Edna’s Neighborhood Watch, the gayest, sexiest, most pointless game show in the history of Earth’s existence. Please buy it on DVD.

2) George Michael is throwing a baby shower for his fair-weather friend, Geri Halliwell, in his London estate. Not that we could get in–damn those restraining orders!–but it’s fun to dream.

…and the #1 reason we’re jealous of the UK:


1) Prince Harry. A.k.a., “William who?”, the best thing to happen to redheads since Rick Astley.

How we wish we had real-life royalty when alas, we only have Hilton Hotel heiresses. How we wish we knew how to parachute jump, so we could be the tandem instructors the next time. How we wish we could get a handful of…the area of his body we KNOW you looked at immediately.