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The Unfortunate Magazine Merger You’ll Soon Be Forced to Read


THE SHOT — With gay media circling the drain, it’s only a matter of time before unlikely magazine mergers are a forced reality. Vanity Fair imagines what happens when Out and Car and Driver become bed mates. Except we’re pretty sure VF has already figured out what this pairing would actually look like.


Meanwhile, here’s one real magazine you may be interested in picking up, for obvious reasons. There are “Neil Patrick Harris has something up his sleeve” jokes buried here, somewhere.

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  • mark

    Shouldn’t they be more concerned making their redundant existing titles work together? Bon Agourmet, anyone?

  • dgz

    @mark: it took me way too long to get that double entendre. i’m losing it.

  • WTF?

    “forced to read”??? I don’t think so. I’ve not read a fag rag in more years than I care to count. They’ve long since gone down the drain, But mindless zombies who spout things like “forced to read” are the same fools who bitch and moan about deteriorating products while reaching into their wallets to fork over another handful. If you don’t like the magazine, don’t buy it/read it. It’s a pretty powerful statement. Instead of realizing, maybe we should start listening to the customers who’ve complained all these years, let’s see what crack-headed scheme we can come up with to keep us in the black.

  • MoHoTo

    Vanity Fairy

  • vernonvanderbilt

    @WTF?: Ummm…it’s not a real magazine. It’s called parody, kid.

  • Dennis

    Hey, I read Car and Driver every month, but I’d like to read ‘Out and Driver’ even more…stuff like

    “Miata vs. Mini-Cooper, Which is gayer?”
    “Lesbians and Suburus, What’s That About?”
    “Hot Mechanic of the Month Centerfold”

    They’d have at least one guaranteed subscriber in me…

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