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  • terrwill

    I know this guy grates on lots ‘o the Gays like parmesan on a grater, but I have a proposal. Untill Davey drops trou and shows us the goods he is banned from Queerty…………He has gotten tons of free publicity from this site and it’s time he repays in a view…………

  • Jonathan

    FINALLY! He shuts the ***** up! It was either the Oprah news or someone needed to stick a c*ck in his mouth.

  • Qjersey

    If he wore clothes no one would bother to watch his vlogs.

  • Adrian

    Terrwill, I have a fully naked photo of Davey Wavey. I can send it to ya if you want…but wouldn’t that be wrong of me to do?

  • Mike L.

    I came to the same conclusion QJ, after a while it matter no more that he’s shirtless and then you actually start to pay attention to what he’s saying and realize you don’t really want to waste your time on his videos.

    I stopped watching about 5 vids into subscribing to his page and unsibscribed, it was just a waste of my time.

  • terrwill

    ADRIAN: No it wouldn’t be wrong! ;-P You would settle a long standing argument between myself and a friend about what he actually is packing, please send me to where the pic is viewable………….

  • j

    @ADRIAN: Obvious troll is obvious. Of course you don’t have the picture.

  • Keith Kimmel

    He is hawt and I like him. If you don’t like him, don’t watch. Simple as that.

  • Adrian

    Terrwill – lol I guess I would be doing good if exposing the pic will bring peace between you and your friend. Here’s the deal, I just emailed the pic to Queerty. I’ll let them decide if they will post it. I think they should show it only if we use it to raise money for charity. then it’ll feel a little less dirty that way don’t you think? would you donate $5 to charity to see Davey’s private parts?

  • Same Crap

    If there ever was a face that practically begged for a swift, hard punch, it’s Davey boy’s.

  • terrwill

    Adrian: NO FAIR!! don’t you know that Queerty is a
    NON PENIS ZONE! David and Co. are ascared of pics of the penis’! They even blocked the freakin pic of Levi Johnstons kid’s pee pee which was in every magazine in creation the last few months………….

  • DSNX

    Aside from the “No Peen Zone” thing, there’s also the high likelihood that SOMEONE on the editorial or content development staff are friends of this Davey Wavey twit (hence the exhaustive coverage).

    They’ll never “expose” their little friend…which is more than can be said for the poor marine they outed last week.

  • Adrian

    well guys, queerty has a version of the photo now. it’s up to them if they want to run the story. I would post it on my site but I have already given Davey enough coverage in the past.

  • terrwill

    ADRIAN: I’m a daring you!! check you inbox little later :-P

  • NOexcuses

    Oh my God, this retard again…

  • alan brickman

    He’s still cute..

  • BrianZ

    Here we go with this bullshit, ignorant queer again. I thought he found a new daddy to pay his way in Australia?

    Whatever the case, nude pics of Girly Whirly are a dime a dozen: All those many months spent on Manhunt while he was in NY whoring it up left many with that evidence. Who would have ever thought poor, sweet, vapid Davey would be grabbing his junk and flipping the bird for the camera?

  • Mike L.

    He’s like the offspring that Peewee herman and barney would have if they could procreate together.

  • Peter

    I just love how with the more meth or whatever drugs he’s most likely using is making his eyes just look more and more sunken in…

  • Cam

    No. 19 · Peter said…
    I just love how with the more meth or whatever drugs he’s most likely using is making his eyes just look more and more sunken in…

    Yes! I have been thinking that this guy is aging faster than anybody I’ve ever seen!

  • scott ny'er

    that was his best vlog yet. I hope they are all like that in the future.

    And damn you Peter and Cam for making me watch this just to see if he aged. Which I couldn’t really tell btw.

  • vitamine


    He’s a human being, and while I find his videos silly I appreciate that he’s generally a positive person… And yes, aging is an inevitable part of the human condition, although I don’t see drastic signs of aging in davey.

  • Attmay

    Every time this clod opens his mouth, an angel has his wings revoked.

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