The Vatican’s Homo Colander

Sistine Chapel

The Vatican has ordered all Catholic Diocese to look under the rug for “evidence of homosexuality” in their new attempt to root out gays from the Catholic Church. Good lord, I’d hate to have that job. Where do you start?

You’re in the Vatican, and you’re the Pope, and you’re staring up at the Sistine Chapel, painted by a homo, and you adjust your hat and robe, which you KNOW was designed by a homo, and you ask your employees (at least 10% who are homos) about getting rid of gays in the church. Mr. Pope, with all due respect, any institution (the Church included) without gays is like tossing a shirt over a chair instead of on a hanger. It lacks class and shape.

So then, what? Pope, you’re new, so we’ll be kind: Without us, you’d be sitting in a chapel that looked like a Wal-Mart and wearing Wranglers.

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