The View Gals Predictably Surprised Mike Huckabee Is a Bigot

It is sad that any American would turn to The View for actual news. Even sadder that Whoopi Goldberg or Sherri Shepherd or Joy Behar would act surprised that Mike Huckabee would make stupid analogies between gays and drug users.

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  • ggreen

    Really now, who would suspect a hillbilly racist from Arkansas to be a homophobic shit head?

    Whoopie has been sitting on the View’s couch like a bump on a rotted log since Rosie left. Sherri is as dumb as a box of rocks and Joy has her own show to say ratings provocative things on.

  • sam

    growl. blocked in my country on copyright grounds :( stupid australia

  • dvlaries

    This is not the first blurb and YouTube Queerty has feature about The View. I’ve never watched the show and nothing I’ve read or watched here has sent me to it yet.
    And I’ve had enough Barbara Walters too, anyway. In her last days on 20/20 her close-ups were so fuzzed, you channel hopped just to make sure something had suddenly gone bad with your set.

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