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The Viral (And Fiscal) Success Of Getting Little Kids To Cuss Over Prop 8

Romantic and business partners Luke Montgomery and Nate Guidas have turned their viral T-shirt effort FCKH8.com into a $150,000 fundraising effort, the team report. After Queerty was the first to share their infectious video, FCKH8 has sold some 30,000 tees, with five of each of the $13 cost going to American Foundation for Equal Rights, Equality California, Courage Campaign, and Lambda Legal. This isn’t just an exercise in activism — it’s evidence this pair know how to exploit free publicity.

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  • samthor

    it’s all about context.
    there are situations in which to use the “F-word” and situations not use it.

    Consider what the other side is saying.
    if other 9 year olds- 13 year olds are saying things like, “you cocksuckers are sick, i hope you gays die i a fire.”
    then by all means, junior has my permission to tell them to, “Fuck off”.
    if adults and supposed authority figures are telling my kid things like, “the bullies are doing the work of God by showing homosexuals His disapproval of their lifestyle.”
    then again, my kid…any kid… has my permission respond, “Fuck you.”

    now granted I would not want this word to become a habit; but in certain situations, it gets the point across.

  • Benjamin

    It’s always just about the money, isn’t it really?

  • Vito

    That ad is an a low class embarrassment. Does the end justify the means?

  • James Davis

    @Vito: Yes Vito, it does. In the world we live in you can be high minded or you can be effective. I’d choose effective every time. Was it shameful for the conservative right to push marriage equality as a wedge issue in 2004 to get GWB elected? Yes it wasn’t, but guess what it worked.

  • B

    No. 3 · Vito wrote, “That ad is an a low class embarrassment.”

    Advertising in general in the U.S. is a low-class affair, the proverbial race to the bottom, so what else is new? Presumably it’s because people with some taste are not so easily manipulated.

  • ~R~

    Low class or not… I loved it! It gets the point across clearly. It ruffles some feathers as well.

  • Dollie

    Is anybody else having a problem with the store? I thought the shirts were cute and placed an order. Two and a half weeks later, the items have not even been shipped. I sent an email a week ago, and was informed the store was insanely busy. However, almost three weeks just appears unprofessional!

  • B210

    Eh. What bothers me is using “fuck” to express their anger. It’s a great word for a lovely act; so why are they using it as an insult to Prop 8/hate, especially when gay marriages probably include a lot of it?! (I never understood either when people say “that sucks” to describe something bad… when we all know blowjobs are good things ?)

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