The Vril’s “Grinder Lover” Delivers The Perfect Hot, Slutty Striptease Anthem

Inside of almost every LGBT person is a sexual beast stalking its next prey. The Vril understands this and so he’s created “Grinder Lover”, the perfect song for sexxxing you up before you get down.

We tried to pick out the cleanest lyric to share and could only find: “Oh Daddy, bet you wanna stroke it, get it all wet before I let you poke it.” Yeah—that’s the cleanest lyric, which gives you an idea of just how ultra slutty The Vril’s song actually is.

It’ll make you wanna grab a pair of breakaway hot pants and start choreographing a boylesque routine. Make sure you upload it and send us the link once you’re done, ya beast.

Image via Erza Ekman of SF Boylesque