The Web Is Full of Misinformed Bigots. Kassie Dill Is Our New Favorite

When we first started watching this clip from YouTuber Kassie Dill, we thought it was a prank. After all, the girl we are watching is clearly an actress, right? All that hatred behind her eyes can’t possibly be real? When we concluded that wasn’t the case, we figured it must be a stunt from Stand For Marriage Maine, which is manipulating what happened after Massachusetts’ legalized same-sex marriage — just like Kassie. But no, she doesn’t have any identifiable ties to S4MM. Kassie, you see, woke up one morning to see evil all around her. Now she’s the moral police and “New World Order” conspiracy theorist. And she’s disgusted with what’s happened in Massachusetts since the gays got the right to wed.

Kassie’s video, posted three days ago, has been seen fewer than 5,000 times as we post this. That’s hopeful: There aren’t too many folks trafficking in this bigotry, and likely a good portion of them will be readers like you, checking out the video because IT IS RIDICULOUS. But the clip has also attracted comments like this: “Faggots? are pissed about your video for exposing their pedophilia, keep up the good work, this has to be said.”

Her video is, unsurprisingly, full of lies. No school in Massachusetts is passing out information about what gay bars to go to, let alone which among them are good for cruising.

What Kassie brands as attempts by the “homo mafia” in Massachusetts to takeover children’s minds are actually exercises in teaching tolerance and acceptance. It’s easy to identify when people try to do this: swap out “gay” or “transgender” with “black” or “Jewish,” and these arguments immediately ring of unacceptable by societal norms.

But because we’re dealing with sexuality, critics always immediately jump to the intercourse aspect of what it means to be LGBT. Which is an awesome party of being queer, but certainly not the most prescient.