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The Website That Immediately Tells You Whether You Can Get Gay Married


Introducing can.imarrygay.com. Using geo-locating technology that matches your IP address to your actual location, the site will tell you whether the state you’re logging on from recognizes same-sex marriage, plus a note on where legislation stands. Gimmicky? Sure. But guess how exciting it will be when the image at right changes to to something like this?

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  • Paul


  • L

    Hmmm… this is good, as a middle-school project. How about telling me whether my city or county includes sexual orientation in its non-discrimination laws? Maybe a rating that shows density of gay services (I’m thinking doctors, lawyers, realtors – but I guess bars and florists would be OK too.) Or, what’s my best route to drive to California without getting bashed – probably thru Canada… lol Seriously, though – my partner wants us to move from NJ to NC. With the U.S. map such a patchwork, a gay relocation app would be awesome.

  • Prof. O. G. Whataschnozell

    I think the time has come for a site that helps one determine if “they” should even think about marriage. Yes, folks. There is a lot more to marriage than walking down the aisle hand in hand with your same-sex mate just to show all the “girls” you have finally left the bar scene and are now on your way to being the Donna Reed of the new millenium.

    I have heard several very selfish friends of mine who are too self centered to care for a goldfish, let alone another human being, talk about getting married. Have many thought about the economy and a plausible situation where honey bunch is now the only bread winner and might be for the next 6 plus months. I hope so because that is just how bad this economy is folks.

    Though I still missed the days when healthcare was the burning issue of the community I have no other choice but to accept this “issue” has now jumped to the front of the line. I wish anyone who wants to do it luck but I do hope they have taken a long look at themselves before they do this. Divorce can be a mother f’er. Especially when the order to vacate the house and pay alimony is recieved.

    Good luck to you and honey bunch.

  • Mena

    Cute, except it thinks I’m in MO. I’m in Texas.

  • thatguyfromboston

    @Mena – Either way you can’t get gay married.

  • BradK

    @Prof. O. G. Whataschnozell: Always a bridesmaid never a bride it would seem. Who pissed in your cornflakes this morning?

    According to your logic, because a few flighty queens may say “I do” when they really don’t, NONE of us should have the right to marry? And how exactly does our insistence upon full equality at the altar diminish our access to health care? It’s a lot more difficult to deny benefits to a legally married spouse than a “domestic partner”.

    Oh that’s right, “it’s the economy”. No worries there, The Messiah will fix everything. Right after you send him another contribution.

  • Ted C.

    Aw, it doesn’t work in Canada :-

  • strumpetwindsock

    @Ted C.:
    Yeah, but we already know things are cool here.
    I checked it out this morning hoping it would work on other countries.

    Great idea for the 50 states, though.

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