The Westboro Baptist Church Hits The Big Apple for Marriage-Equality Sunday

In anticipation of the inevitable backlash on Sunday, when gays and lesbians can legally jump the broom for the first time, I decided to check out what those wingnuts at Westboro Baptist Church are planning for the big day—and I’m so glad I did.

Over at, the WBC already has its picketing schedule lined up:  On Sunday morning at 7:30am—when most New Yorkers are making their morning coffee, doing the crossword puzzle or rolling over and wondering the name of the trick laying next to them—Fred Phelps’ clan will be staging a formal protest in front of the Marriage Bureau in Manhattan. They’re “picket[ing] the reprobates of fag-infested New York State to remind them that God defined marriage as a sacred union between one man and one woman for life.” That’s a lot to digest before noon.

The post goes on confuse elaborate the point by declaring, “That means no fag marriage, no dyke marriage and no divorce + remarriage!”  I’m unclear how divorce is being laid at our feet when we can’t even get married yet—but sometimes when God is at the table it’s best to just leave things to blind faith.  Or just ask for a second glass of Kool-Aid.

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