The Westboro Baptist Church Makes Awesome New Signs To Protest “Fag NBA”

You just knew that when NBA players started making PSAs against anti-gay slurs that the Westboro Baptist Church would have to make new signs. Their newest one is not only hilariously offensive, it’s also educational.

The Dallas Voice writes, “Westboro Baptist Church picketed outside the American Airlines Center in Dallas before Game 3 of the NBA finals…” Their new signs represent a new artistic direction away from their classically day-glo signs. We’re loving the blue color schemes and their new NBA fag logo—God Loves Photoshop. We also love their nearly comprehensive list of commonly accepted terms for homos—a helpful thesaurus of sorts—though they left out “butt smuggler.”

Why did they bother to protest? Well, we’ll let them explain:

“WBC will picket the NBA game between the Dallas Mavericks and the Miami Heat to warn this nation that they need to tear down their idols and worship only the true God, Jesus Christ. The people of Doomed america set up these spoiled, rebellious basketball players and other celebrities as little gods that they emulate then curse the real God, Jesus Christ because He does not supprt their vile sins…

Additionally, the NBA has an official policy of kissing fag ass. Players in the league can be fined for disagreeing with the sodomite mantra ”It’s OK to be gay.” The ancient citizens of Sodom & Gomorrah also chose to side with the fags against God and look what it got them – Total Destruction at the hand of an angry God!”

So… apparently in addition to and, the WBC will need to purchase the domain name—oooh, we just snapped it up for $7.99. See what we did there?

Recently the KKK and the WBC had a little Memorial Day skirmish, but personally we think the Klan is just jealous of the WBC’s superior sign-making abilities.

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  • jason

    I think Fred Phelps is the ultimate bum bandit. Poor Shirley Phelps must have an everted anus.

  • timncguy

    Their new signs represent a new artistic direction away from their classically day-glo signs. We’re loving the blue colors schemes and their new NBA fag logo—God Loves Photoshop. We also love also their nearly comprehensive list of commonly accepted terms for homos—a helpful thesaurus of sorts—though they left out “butt smuggler.”

    colors schemes ====> color schemes
    We also love also their nearly ====> We also love their nearly

    Sure am glad that you really paid attention to all those suggestions you received, at your request, that you do some editing and proof-reading prior to posting your content.

  • clairey

    @timncguy Haha! My thoughts exactly, a nice little blue gradient, they could have played with the logo a bit, you know – make the ball a dildo, have a white silluette give him a BJ, but still…here comes the first Phelps spawn with Photoshopping skills, Gay Agenda BEWARE!

    Lovin’ the tag cloud…but biggest letters for Gay and “Poof” … really …because sooo many NBA lovin’ Britts support the WBC, it’s important to get the message out there.

  • Daniel

    @timncguy: Sleepy blogging sucks. Thanks for calling us out.

  • Vanessa Emma Goldman

    as a proud transwoman and lesbian, i want a Lesbian WNBA logo!!!!!!! cuz i loves me the lady jocks!

    but seriously, just when i think Phelps and His Insane Family can’t possibly get any batshit insaner, they take Batshit Insane to another level.

  • Red Meat

    My gawd, how can so much hate fit in a poster?

  • Mike in London UK

    Ass Pirate ?

    I always thoguht it was Ass Bandit ?

    and if they want to put something on a page then this would be more effective
    UK Queer as Folk

    Stuart Allen Jones: Queers. Because I’m queer. I’m gay. I’m homosexual. I’m a poof, I’m a poofter, I’m a ponce. I’m a bumboy, baddieboy, backside artist, bugger. I’m bent. I am that arsebandit. I lift those shirts. I’m a faggot-ass, fudge-packing, shit-stabbing uphill gardener. I dine at the downstairs restaurant, I dance at the other end of the ballroom. I’m Moses and the parting of the red cheeks. I fuck and I am fucked. I suck and I am sucked. I rim them and wank them, and every single man’s had the fucking time of his life. And I am not a pervert. If there’s one twisted bastard in this family, it’s this little blackmailer here. So congratulations, Thomas. I’ve just officially outed you.

  • Vanessa Emma Goldman

    i am a Proud Clit Licking Goddess Worshipper!!!!!!

  • billy wingarden


    Bottom line on these creeps. the whole family is filled with endless physical and sexual molestation, both inter-generational and intra generational.

    when you crack through their aire of superiority, things happen.

    I and a group of others – adults and kids chased them away from another of their protests. I’ll skip the details but the leader – I think its Shirleys mother doubled over like she was in pain and spit out a bunch of invectives that would make a battle hardened marine blush.

    Bottom line – from my pscychology class – sexual molestation is a great way to create people in such pain that they spit out their internal anger on others.

    these people belong in a mental institution. But according to the chief of police there, since most of the family are lawyers, its hardly worth trying to prosecute them.

    And the beauty of the Phelps,is that despite the horror show for eg Matthew Shepards family and our soldiers, the Phelps have help to educate so many good people about what religious hate is all about.

    God will deal with them in the end. As he must have dealt with Stalin, Hitler, Saddam, Mao and others.

  • stevemd2

    Teh phelps have been my inspiration to go to the gay bars, dance with gay guys and fight the good fight to end hatred and discrimination.

    And as I tell anyone who gets mad and says “you must be gay” , I say “I wish I was”

    ONe of these days one of the haters I’ve talked with is going to have a heart attack.

    Good riddance.

  • Esau

    Cyber squatting is a crime. Publishing one’s intent to act criminally is just plumb dumb. You may not like WBC’s message, but they aren’t criminals. Careful what you do with your new domain.

  • divkid

    i favour a “sausage jockey”, or “a friend of the arts”.

  • DavyJones

    @Esau: Cyber-squatting with the intent of pushing the price up, or else making a website which is apparently owned by another source in bad-faith; for instance if someone were to buy and mock it up to look like google; then make money from ads…

    Simply buying the domain you know someone else wants, with the intent of preventing them from having it; is perfectly legal.

  • Harry

    The NBA should really just sue them for trademark infringement….

  • hetakesituptheass

    rev phelps is a classic closet homo

  • Ernest Edward

    STOP GIVING THESE ASSHOLES FREE ADVERTISEMENT!!!! I’ve had enough with Queerty posting Homophobic propaganda bullshit! Is this a Queer news site or a Homophobe news site?!

  • CB

    This Westboro Baptist Church says they hate the Gay-Community. But, they also hate African Americans, Dr. & Mrs. King, Canada, Sweden, the Fire Department of N.Y., victims of 911, other Christian churches, the pope, Judaism, America, our American troops and the list goes on and on. Many of the groups they despise are specifically named on their hate propaganda, picket signs and their many websites. They not only hate, but wish death on all whom they abhor.
    This so-called “church” spreads its hate through picketing in our streets, provoking attacks, with abusive vulgar language and flag desecration, attempting to create a confrontation. This is not about protesting, this is about a life of hate. They are not peaceful. They are not a “church.” They go after any thing that can get them in the news. This group will protest anything to get its face on TV or in the news. It is about an old man lost in the darkness of hate, who will put his grandchild in danger to save himself.
    These people protest at the funerals of our troops. Do we have a real need to protest at any funeral? Is that a real freedom?
    The city of Topeka, the state of Kansas and the U.S. at large, its citizens and their churches, schools and events are all held hostage by this “hate group.”-always at the tax payer’s expense.

  • tehlonelymon

    Source: CNN Money
    100 Best Companies to Work For
    “Adobe Systems

    Company also offers same-sex domestic partner benefits.”

    If god loves photoshop
    He must also love us.

  • flick222

    The most recent documentary I’ve seen on this group shows some of them actually looking tired and disenchanted, especially Shirley Phelps. But it’s not surprising considering how many young members have left the church. I never could get confirmation on the number, but one article I read said 24 young men and women all under the ages of 25 have skipped out. I think once Fred Phelps passes away, they’ll completely fall apart. I’m just glad the young ones are smart enough not to buy into their hate, at least some of them are.

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