The Westboro Baptist Church Makes Awesome New Signs To Protest “Fag NBA”

You just knew that when NBA players started making PSAs against anti-gay slurs that the Westboro Baptist Church would have to make new signs. Their newest one is not only hilariously offensive, it’s also educational.

The Dallas Voice writes, “Westboro Baptist Church picketed outside the American Airlines Center in Dallas before Game 3 of the NBA finals…” Their new signs represent a new artistic direction away from their classically day-glo signs. We’re loving the blue color schemes and their new NBA fag logo—God Loves Photoshop. We also love their nearly comprehensive list of commonly accepted terms for homos—a helpful thesaurus of sorts—though they left out “butt smuggler.”

Why did they bother to protest? Well, we’ll let them explain:

“WBC will picket the NBA game between the Dallas Mavericks and the Miami Heat to warn this nation that they need to tear down their idols and worship only the true God, Jesus Christ. The people of Doomed america set up these spoiled, rebellious basketball players and other celebrities as little gods that they emulate then curse the real God, Jesus Christ because He does not supprt their vile sins…

Additionally, the NBA has an official policy of kissing fag ass. Players in the league can be fined for disagreeing with the sodomite mantra ”It’s OK to be gay.” The ancient citizens of Sodom & Gomorrah also chose to side with the fags against God and look what it got them – Total Destruction at the hand of an angry God!”

So… apparently in addition to and, the WBC will need to purchase the domain name—oooh, we just snapped it up for $7.99. See what we did there?

Recently the KKK and the WBC had a little Memorial Day skirmish, but personally we think the Klan is just jealous of the WBC’s superior sign-making abilities.