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  • Michael @

    It is to weep. Once again gays are squealing with glee over the bait and MISSING THE SWITCH….just like they did when Gates and Mullen pulled the same con way back on February 2nd. SURE, the butch military bloggers say they’re for repeal. But, as revealed in a TPM interview with the guy who organized it, it was less about sending a message to Congress that they support repeal than seeing it as inevitable but wanting to send a message to Congress NOT to repeal until after Gates phony study is done which…wait for it….drum roll….we all know means the DEATH of repeal.

    “We wanted it done right,” he said. “We’re of the impression that if it’s gonna be done, that Congress doesn’t do it precipitously.”

    Gates and Mullen have warned Congress against legislating such a change before December, the deadline for a Department of Defense review into how to best implement repeal. The bloggers said they support waiting.

    “We ask Congress to withhold action until this is finished, but no longer,” they wrote in the statement. “We urge Congress to listen to the service chiefs and act in accordance with the recommendations of that study.” There are “a bunch of issues that need to be worked through if it’s gonna be the non-problem I think it’s gonna be,” Hanson said. “Let the service chiefs figure out how to do this, [THEN] pass legislation that mirrors that and I think you’ll have a much less painful transition.”

    [The bloggers’ letter organizer] Hanson said he thinks including repeal in the authorization bill is a “horrible idea, because the military hasn’t had a chance to weigh in yet.”

    When are gays going to stop falling for each new variation on this con? Not seeing it for what it was on February 2nd has resulted in losing 3 1/2 months of momentum while we waited for our supposed White Knights Gates & Mullen to deliver repeal on a silver platter.

    UNCONDITIONAL SUPPORT OF REPEAL is the ONLY thing we should be applauding, and this ain’t it!

    Dear Military Bloggers: Fuck you very much!


  • Brutus

    Do you even listen to yourself when you speak?

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