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The White House Just Gave Gays a Justice Dept. Liasion. Happy Now?


After yesterday announcing a toned down — but repetitive — stance on the Defense of Marriage Act, the White House’s lawyers at the Department of Justice announced they’re going to make another in-road with the homosexies. No, they’re not going to come out and apologize for that first Smelt v. USA brief that compared same-sex marriage to uncle-niece marriage, but they are providing a DoJ gay liaison!

His name is Matt Nosanchuk. He’s a former legal adviser to Florida’s Democratic U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson — who, we should mention, in 2006 voted no on a federal constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, and in 2002 voted to add sexual orientation to hate crimes protection laws. Nelson “will be the front office point person on LGBT issues for the DOJ Civil Rights Division,” according to Tobias Wolff, who chaired the president’s National LGBT Policy Committee during the campaign.

It’s unclear what, exactly, Nosanchuk will be doing, but we imagine it will involve lots of press releases and trying to calm anger among the gays that his boss is not, in fact, their fierce advocate. Which is great news for Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, ’cause he’s tired of you hounding him!

Anyways, here’s his CV:

* State Research Director and Regional LGBT Vote Director at
Obama for America
* Senior Policy Fellow at
Third Way
* Of Counsel at Collier Shannon Scott, PLLC

* Litigation Director and Legislative Counsel at Violence Policy Center
* Minority Counsel at House Judiciary Committee, U.S. House of Representatives
* Senior Counsel at
U.S. Department of Justice
* Attorney at Miller, Cassidy Larroca & Lewin
* Judicial Law Clerk at Hon. Walter J. Cummings, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit