The White House + Pentagon Will Start Listening to Gay Military Members. Who Already Left Active Duty Service

Some 125 gay military personnel — who have already retired from the military — will meet May 10, as part of Veterans Lobby Day, with White House officials to discuss Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, relays Servicemembers United, though it’s unclear which administration members will attend the meeting. At the same time, some 40 gay veterans will meet with military officials at the Pentagon. Press is not invited. So that’s good news, right? That the people in charge are at least willing to hear from gay servicemen and women while they work on this investigation thingy? Of course it points out the glaring omission of active duty gays from this conversation, who cannot speak about their experience or, you know, they will face discharge via the very policy under investigation. And without the press being included in these meetings, active duty gay servicemembers won’t have a clue what, if any, progress was made. (Though you can rely on Twitter for that.)