The White House’s Gay Social Secretary Decides The Party’s Over

Jeremy BernardHe’s been called one of the White House’s “most beloved staff members,” but after a four year stint as the White House’s social secretary, Jeremy Bernard has decided to hang up the invitation list and call it a day. 

Bernard got his job the way anyone in politics does these days: he raised a lot of money for the winning side. After serving as chief of staff to the U.S. Ambassador to France, Bernard moved to his current gig, where he oversees every event that takes place in the White House.

By all accounts Bernard has done a fabulous job in a position that seems to embody every gay cliche unimaginative columnists can imagine. But what Bernard was best at was remaining out of sight. He only gave his first interview, to Vogue (of course), in February, when he clearly had his exit in mind.

6a00d8341c90b153ef014e5f764777970cBernard’s invisibility was purposeful. One of his predecessors, Desirée Rogers, was essentially shown the door due to her propensity for self-promotion. By contrast, Bernard says that the Obamas knew that “I was loyal and supportive.” As for what comes next, Bernard told Vogue that he hasn’t thought about it.

 “The good thing about this job—and perhaps the bad thing—is that I am not able to think about the future,” Bernard said. “One of my predecessors told me that she lost sleep toward the end because people told her she would go on to do great things next, but they never told her what. She warned me that I do have to start thinking about it. I know I do; I just haven’t yet. I’m sort of putting my head in the sand.