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The White Party Turns 20


This weekend, Jeffrey Sanker’s annual White Party in Palm Springs celebrates its 20th anniversary. Headliner Lady Gaga will, undoubtedly, bring the gays to a fervor — or at least those who haven’t already chemically manufactured their own. But for those who’ve never been, these photos will reveal the party you’re missing. Last year, Neil Patrick Harris and Lance Bass made appearances. Will they repeat this year?


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  • Dave

    Sad Part is you’ll see the same Queens that were there 20 years ago still in overly tight clothes all tweaked out. :(

  • TANK

    And attendees turned 50 and 60.

  • scott

    Cosmic Boy and Lightning Lad look nothing like those dudes in that pic. Legion of Superheroes my ass.

    Lady Gaga might resemble Dream Girl, if I was drunk and bleary-eyed.

  • thisismikesother

    I’m not clicking 28 times, as much as I want to. It’s just annoying and really cheap of you.

  • Phil McCracken

    Yeah, the 28 photo slideshow is such a thinly veiled attempt at a lot of ad impressions. And also, isn’t White Party next weekend? I’m pretty sure Dinah Shore is this weekend. I expect more from you.

  • Better' en You

    Gee, all these pictures show guys way better looking than, i’d wager, the ones commenting…is this what they call Bitter?

    Loosen up and let people enjoy themselves without subjecting the rest of us to your unhappy bile.

  • Mark M

    It’s gross and sad. Been to ONE, like 12 years ago.. walked out of there, quickly, wanting to call in Alice Miller. Want to talk Gay Unity? Scenes like this one do NOTHING for us as humans. If you attend these things and partake, you are a pathetic hot mess, and not worth equal rights.

  • jason

    I think we gay men spend too much time at sleazy parties looking for sex. We should be out there fighting for our rights, not wallowing in sleaze. Anyone can wallow in sleaze – straigh, gay, bi, male, female – therefore it’s not as if it’s particularly rebellious or ground-breaking.

  • Can'tUnderstandMen

    I was conceived at the very first White Party. My mother was a cleaning woman there. She slipped on cum-slush, tearing her panties. To this day, I do not who my father is.

  • James

    Oh lord, you are a bunch of prissy queens. Sure circuit parties, be they White or Black, are sillier than sin but if my gay sistern want to attend more power to them. It just means the bars I like are less crowded.

  • hardmannyc

    @jason: Yeah, because if “we” weren’t at circuit parties, we’d all be out in the streets protesting.

    Hey, I’ve got an idea: Instead of throwing down at the few thousand partygoers, how about the several million couch potatoes who are sitting on their big fat bums watching American Idol? At least the Circuit queens are, you know, actually DOING something.

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