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The World Where Elisabeth Hasselbeck Says 1 Smart Thing and Sherri Remains Biblically Ignorant

Sherri Shepherd bases her insipid views about homosexuality and the world on Christianity, and she doesn’t even know if the Virgin Mary (or Mary Magdalene) was married. Pack it in, lady. Go home. It’s clear these topics are just too much for you and I hate seeing a fellow girl struggle.

Gays and their marriages. Gays and their sex lives. Gays and their HIV spreading. And then there’s your own hang ups about possibly raising a gay child. Stop, Sherri. Just stop. If your contract keeps you from leaving the show, it’d be best if you just sat there, quietly. You’re embarrassing yourself, women, and parents at large.

Sherri Shepherd’s Erroneous and Dangerous Claim Downlow Men Are Responsible For Blacks’ HIV Rates