The World’s First Gender Neutral Undies Won’t Judge The Size Of Your Package, Or If You Have One At All

enhanced-29235-1413819842-1Clothing design is very much entrenched in the gender binary, but more and more, people aren’t. Trans, gender queer, intersex — these are all words that nobody used until relatively recently.

Now that our understanding of gender fluidity is becoming more evolved, will the market follow?

Designers Abby Sugar and Sylvie Lardeux seem to think so. They’ve created what’s being billed as the “world’s first gender neutral underwear collection” called Play Out, and they’re hoping that men, woman and everyone in between will feel comfortable in their playful skivvies.

“Most underwear on the market for women is extremely feminine, with flowers, pastel colors, and lace,” said Sugar and Lardeux. “Or, if it’s cut in a ‘boyshort’ it tends to be boring solid colors. We wanted to bring the design aesthetic of men’s underwear – the bold colors, fun graphics and the shape, including the wide waistband — to a style that would fit and flatter a woman’s body.”

Check out some more of the undies below:







h/t Buzzfeed