The Youth Issue: Jack Mackenroth

Jack Mackenroth begged us to be in The Youth Issue. It was really quite embarrassing, actually – he would show up late at night with flowers and promises of eternal love, call first thing in the morning to see if we had slated him for publication and harass our friend’s and family into putting in a good word. He even popped in on one of our rare showers to make sure we hadn’t forgotten.

Even we aren’t that cold-hearted, so to reward his efforts, we’ve posted both images sent from the Seattle-born, New York-based designer and competitive swimmer. (Not that he’s really got that much competition: he and his team set a national record for the 4 X 50 meter relay at Gay Games.)

As you can imagine, he’s grown up a lot since these pictures were taken. And when we say “a lot”, we mean “attractive”. He kindly sent along a picture from a recent photo shoot so you guys can gaze at his beauty.

We’d totally do him. But, then again, we’re not that picky.