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There Are 2 Days Left in Crate and Barrel’s $100k Wedding Giveaway. And the Gays Are in Second Place

We’ve been following the corporate decorator’s giveaway since last month — and damn there are a lot of homosexuals trying to get themselves a free wedding. But the contest ends March 31, which means you’ve got three days to cast votes to put Gregory & Jonathan over Mary & Densey, the straight couple leading by some seven thousand votes (and soon, over 1,000 acknowledgments the federal government grants breeders).

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  • Sammy

    Smart moving leaving out the part that the groom in the straight couple is a paralyzed police officer injured in the line of duty who has mounting medical bills making a dream wedding impossible for him and his bride.

    Yes, I’ll vote for the young, healthy gay couple instead – you know, just because they are gay!

  • Justin

    Also … getting the most votes only puts them in the finals, where judges actually pick the winners — from a group of 50.

  • Whoddafunk?

    I voted for them. I hope they win, but if it’s true that judges pick the final couple then… it’ll probably go to whoever the judges pity the most.

  • Mark

    Voting for the gay couple because they’re gay over the cop who became paralyzed in the line of duty, Queerty? Really? Really?

  • Jeremy

    Are you tripping on acid today, Queerty? There is a reason why that straight couples lead the gay one by more than 7000 votes. Even Kate G[r]osselin thinks you are horrible…

  • terrwill

    Ain’t no way in any world that the Gays are gonna be picked over the cop in a wheelchair………..The fact a Gay couple is in second place, I consider a win. Just leave it at that………

  • JP


    I know right!!!

  • Peter

    I wish these guys well, but why are they planning their festivities in gay hating Virginia, when they live in Washington, DC, where gay marriage is legal ? Also, do they plan to play the victim card forever????????
    One guy is a physician after all. As for their repeated line about “all we’ve gone through these last few years”, ain’t it true for all of us ?

  • Lamar

    I feel sorry for the cop and all I really do but with the amount of gays who can’t marry in the USA and most countries and are tortured and killed for who they are I feel sorry for those thousands of people than 1 paralyzed cop to be honest.

  • What?

    Seriously, guys, I’m all for supporting the gays, but I have to agree. This is really bad form. The guy’s a f*cking cop paralyzed in the line of duty. I can’t feel bad for the Guppies because they can’t marry. It’s just not even close.

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