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There Are 78 Gay Men on Sean Hannity’s Dating Website Looking For Love. Who Are These People?

That Sean Hannity, the Fox News host, even has a dating section of his website Hannity.com is ripe for punchlines. That he calls it Hannidate? Even better. But for a guy so concerned with attacking homosexuals and protecting America from rabid homosexuality, it’s a little curious that he’s also making a few bucks off connecting two dudes who want to get it on.

Back in 2006, Joel Stein found 21 gay profiles on Hannidate, “a full 11 of which I thought were real (though I’d like to believe that the guy called ‘Seeking Fellow Cowboy Fans,’ who wants to get ‘back to my favorite mountain’ and needs ‘help herding sheep,’ is totally legit).” Back then, Stein reported “Hannity, it turns out, is against same-sex marriage but is pretty libertarian on gay relationships, often standing up to gay bashers on his show and putting gay former New Jersey Gov. Jim McGreevey’s book on his book club list.” So much changes with time, eh?

But what gay American is actually counting on Sean Hannity to help them find love? We decided to find out. So we entered some basic search criteria and, with a 500+ mile radius of New York City, we found some 78 gay men looking to meet other men (but only 39 with photos), and just 11 women looking to meet other women.

There’s AlphaSteve, a divorced 34-year-old father of three in Georgia who’s “Lookin’ for some good buddies.” He says this photo is “pretty much what i look like.”

abake07 is a 21-year-old “ambitious conservative” student at Ohio State and likes “cars, clothes, and nice stuff in general. Again, faith is a bigger part of my life.”

And bgee is a 25-year-old living in Los Angeles who eats “anything my Mama makes.” Adorable!

After spending more time on a dating website than someone in a relationship ought to, our original thesis proved true: The gays on Hannidate are like any other homo hoping the interwebs can find them love. But even more striking, this is absolutely not your Manhunt crowd. These men and women aren’t looking for one night stands or friends with benefits. Most say they are looking for longterm relationships, soulmates, and the stuff of Hallmark cards. Hannidate’s only drawback — and it’s a big one — is variety. There are too few gay profiles on the site, and most of these folks live too far apart to establish any meaningful contact.

But for all his railing against gay marriage, Sean Hannity might be doing a better job creating lasting unions between gay Americans than any site we’ve come up with.