There Are Actual Gay Superheroes Among Us. You Just Have to Go to the Right Bar

I was always attracted to the superhero physique. As I got older, I realized, “Oh, this is why I admire the Grecian ideal of manhood and musculature.”

—Matthew Levine, 31, the co-creator of Skin Tight USA, the five-year-old gathering of amateur superheroes at the Stonewall Inn in Manhattan, on the appeal of appearing in public with other men in Lycra costumes [NYT]

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  • Mark Cahill


  • Clark

    @Mark Cahill: I totally agree! Can you imagine trying to convince a prospective date that this is how you get your kink on?!

  • ggreen

    Those pumped up physiques are usually hollow inside. If guys spent more time developing their mental abilities and less time trying to emulate the vacuous ninnies of Hollywood what a wonderful world the gays would have.

  • mikey c

    @ggreen: Why can’t we have the best of both worlds? I think a guy can be educated and have a nice physique.

  • chango



  • Jeremy

    @ggreen: Wait a sec, you are mistaking “having a little piece of one’s own” to “take it to the extreme”. A lot of these guys are completely normal, grow-up people. They just invest a small piece of their life to do something delightful and completely harmless to their life. They are not some completely nut-jobs who spend their time living in a complete fantasy. I maybe not a big fan of comic (more a manga geek), but if my man wants to be a Green Lantern once in every while, I wouldn’t be upset at all.

  • TonyD

    The first thing that comes to mind are super wedgies- how do you keep your uniform from crawling up your crack? Whatever tickles your pickle- I’d be happy if they made adult Batman uneroos.

  • objectivemedia

    The NY Times is SO gay. Ugh.

  • El Brucio

    When we were in our 20’s, my group of friends used to throw random costume parties all the time. “Mystery Men” was a favourite movie to watch as well.

    This sounds like it would be equally fun, only with the promise of more alcohol and flirting.

  • Blahblah

    @Jeremy: You sounds like a cool person (especially because you like manga). But, since hitting on complete strangers online is lecherous and creepy, i’m gonna leave it at that. :P

  • Phabulous Phoenix (Back From The Black Hole Known As Mesa, Arizona)

    Uh, I don’t think you can exactly call this new. Wasn’t this “created” by San Diego Comic Con back in 1970?

  • jerseyguy

    These guys look like they are a bunch of rejects from the world of professional men’s figure skating. was johnny weir there?

  • adman

    I love, LOVE seeing men in lycra or speedos. Bulges are the best! Partner also wears those filmy running shorts when he runs like marathoners wear, and the sexiness drives me nuts some times. Hot, hot hot, I say, more please. American Calvinist ethics are such a joke, causing people to laugh and blush at the form of grown men in more revealing clothing. It’s a genital bulge people, not an AK-47.

  • AlwaysGay

    These guys need to put on more muscle mass to have superhero physiques. I totally understand their superhero desires since it’s one of the first things I looked at as a kid and realized my attraction to men.

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