There Are No Excuses


If you’re in NYC tonight and don’t have any plans, head over to Bar East and check out No Subordination, the band fronted by Adian L. Acosta (aka Amnesia Sparkles)
. Even if you do have plans, you should cancel them and go, anyway.

Want to know what to expect? This is how Adrian described the show via email:

It’s going to suck so good that people will not believe how awesomely band we are. We are going to start a new wave of bands that are so bad you can’t miss them! It’s going to kill. You guys should totally come if you can. Plus, proceeds will help some kids with problems or something.

Look! He invited us! Someone wants us somewhere? Incredible! We’d go, but we’re washing our hair. Also, we have debilitating panic attacks when we leave the couch. Someone please help us, we’re starting to rot.

Oh, and those kids with “problems or something:” they have AIDS. All proceeds go to the Children AIDS Society.

Bar East: 1733 1st Avenue b/t 89th and 90th). Doors open at 7pm. Be there or be squaroholics.