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There Are Some Gay Issues Joy Behar Should Just Leave Alone, Like Technology

Ugh. Joy Behar? Just stop. For the most part I appreciate all the gay issues you and your equally ill-informed panel members discuss on your HLN show, and you bring on gay guests with admirable frequency. But as we’ve seen before, you also contribute to nonsensical conversations about The Gays, relying merely on the notes your producers put on your cards, as last night’s fumbling over Apple yanking the Exodus International app.

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  • MoMan

    Joy Behar is the Jerry Springer of CNN, and that’s being generous.

  • Vermont

    She’s done more for the gay community than you morons on Queerty or morons like MoMan who are derogatory towards her. Fuck off.

  • Tommy Marx

    I actually enjoyed it. Yes, she totally misrepresented what the app does, but those assholes at FRC and Exodus misrepresent everything about us. I think of it as karma. :-)

  • Nathan

    @Tommy Marx: Yeah, let’s abandon facts and logic and just be ignorant apes chucking feces at each other, that’ll really help the gay community. OH MY GOD THIS IGNORANT STRAIGHT WOMAN DEIGNED TO HELP US LOWLY GAYS, WE MUST NOT CRITICIZE THIS INDISPENSABLE ALLY.

  • robert in NYC

    Vermont, I’ll concede that Joy Behar is a long-time supporter of equality for gays but her other colleagues on The View, including their boss, Barbara Walters, also are very ill informed about certain but very important gay-related issues, especially the ex-gay issue. I blame Barbara Walters who should know better than not to have an authority such as Wayne Besen of Truth Wins Out to speak to the ex-gay issue. Ditto Orpah Winfrey allowing Lisa Ling to air a segment on her show with little or NO reference to the damage done by Exodus and NARTH. Its totally irresponsible and does no service to our people, in fact it misleads the public and gives Exodus and NARTH a free pass. At least have an authority speaking to the issue, if not Wayne, then someone from the American Psychiatric Association and other medical associations which denounce the ex-gay movement as a total fraud.

  • sidewalk

    Joy, what does the urge to dress well have anything to do with being gay?

    Why are people like Joy applauded for being friendly to gays when nonsense like this tumbles out her mouth.

  • evji108

    I love the old broad….she’s a bit of a dingbat, yes poorly informed, but that applies to almost everything she says. But she’s funny and she is never mean, which puts her way ahead of most other commentators and hosts on TV.

  • McMike

    Why is Queerty being such a whiny bitch and why, once again, are some in the LGBT community trying to bash our straight allies? Grow the f*ck up! There is NOTHING wrong with this segment.

  • christopher di spirito

    What’s the issue? The Apple anti-gay app was a story in the news and she brought it up and asked the panel for their thoughts.

    Maybe Queerty should ask Davey Wavey for his two cents? I’m sure he has an informed opinion.

  • prohomo

    @sidewalk: Gays are usually more into aesthetics than straight males, that’s why.

  • John

    How come GNU/Linux never seems to have stuff like ‘gay conversion apps’?

  • Luxuy

    Is Queerty really trying to make this a serious issue? (Why am I not surprised?) This is clearly not a serious segment, and besides the lack of jokes that are actually funny, I don’t understand why the time was wasted on this.

  • Tommy Marx

    @Nathan: I do not appreciate your ugly dig at Republicans, comparing them to “ignorant apes chucking feces at each other”. It’s been proven time and time again that Republicans are ignorant apes that chuck their feces at others.

    How exactly did Joy Behar misrepresent anything? She claimed that the app would magically cure gay people. Go to the web site of Exodus, and you will learn IMMEDIATELY that all homosexuals who are not miserable and desperate to become heterosexuals are damned by God. Exodus does not believe being gay is natural. Instead, it’s something that must be triumphed over, like a disability or a disease.

    Shove your self-righteous shit back up your ass. Anyone that screams against non-gay people standing up for gay people is lower than a Republican’s feces. I get so tired of you privileged fucks who long ago deserted the real world railing at Lady Gaga and Joy Behar and anyone else that believes everyone should be equal despite ignorant fucks like yourself.

    You want to know why I have very few gay friends? Because shits like you call my best friend in the world a fag hag. Shits like you tear everyone apart without doing one goddamn positive thing for anyone. Shits like you make me ashamed to identify as gay.

    Go away.

  • hephaestion

    Yeah, this sucked. She wasn’t ready to lead a discussion on this topic and the resulting chat was quasi-insulting to me.

  • WilliamG

    @Tommy Marx: Lol. Waaaaaaaaa.
    You sound like a whiny bitch man. Love the internalized homophobia though, looks painful?

  • Luxuy

    Again, a panel full of comedians and some of you, including Queerty, are looking for an informative discussion? LMAO

  • mike128

    Why do people on these queer blogs get so down on Joy? She’s a supporter of our community and in general one of the few reasonable voices we have in the media.

  • sidewalk

    Casual usage of the word ‘bash’ dilutes its meaning. Joy Behar was not bashed. Craig Cohen of Florida (search for him on this site) was bashed. Jamie Nabozny. Ian Baynham. etc.

    Joy was disagreed with, dare I say critiqued a bit. Oh my! Don’t anyone dare to speak their mind about someone who at times says nice or pretty things about gays. Bow, kiss the ring, do not speak up, and be ever thankful that a straight person was simply sometimes reasonable.

  • Oprah

    Me thinks Queerty does not like Joys snotty remarks, given that queerty usually conducts in snotty remarks,as shown in many queerty articles. Me also thinks queerty wants to retain the right to own being snotty or making snotty comments. :)

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