There Goes the Gaybourhood, eh?


Those crazy Canucks are at it again. They’re hoping to have the city of Ottawa officially refer to the area’s gayest neighborhood as the, you guessed it, “gaybourhood.” (The ‘u’ is added ‘cause they kind of have a British thing going on up there). We, of course, are all for it.

Some want the “gaybourhood” to be decked out in rainbow flags, in a similar style to the signs and flags lining the streets of Little Italy and Chinatown.

Kirkby says no one is suggesting an exclusively gay area, but he’s heard a lot of support for branding the area “Rainbow Village.”

Some retailers in the area are supportive of the idea because gay and lesbian tourism is seen as a growth industry.

“I think certainly Rainbow Village would not be detrimental to the region,” said Peter Waiser, who works at Henry’s Camera on Bank Street near the corner of Somerset Street.

The idea, done in many cities around the U.S., will help business and create a much-needed sense of pride. More importantly, the streets lined with rainbow flags will help you know you’re in the right place when stumbling back to your hotel drunk.

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