There Will Be Nowhere for the Gays to Hang Out at Sundance


The Queer Lounge, the marketer-friendly hangout spot for LGBTs at Park City’s Sundance Film Festival, will not be appearing in January. That’s because GLAAD, which has been handling the Lounge since 2007, has made the responsible fiscal decision that a $200,000 is too much to spend in this economy for a glorified networking spot. But don’t think GLAAD is dropping out of Sundance — which this year might be boycotted by anti-gays — all together: “GLAAD has formed a partnership with the Sundance Institute, the festival’s parent organization, to present three days of panel discussions and other events at Sundance’s Filmmakers Lodge,” reports the Salt Lake Tribune. Queer Lounge will be among many no-shows at Sundance this year, thanks to budget cuts and global warming. Okay, maybe just budget cuts. Now where will GLAAD PR chief Rich Ferraro blog from?

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  • Lady Ga-Gasp

    That’s too bad. The queer lounge was a great place to hang out.

  • AlanInSLCutah

    It was a fun place to hang out a few years back, though the last few years have been ridiculous. I can’t say I’ll miss it this year if it was planned on being anything like the last 2 years.

  • FakeName

    Instead, GLAAD will spend the $200,000 on yet another round of mailers in a desperate attempt to raise more money and convince itself and others that it is still relevant and useful.

  • pantherq

    Aren’t we supposed to boycott Sundance in protest of mormon involvement in removing civil rights via supporting prop 8?

  • ousslander

    NO. 4 I also thought it was all about boycott the mormons/utah unless there’s celebrity ass to kiss or a party to attend!

  • jimbo

    this earth shattering

  • Chirssypoo

    Queer Lounge will be back in 2011, probably without Glaad.

  • Mike in Asheville, nee "in Brooklyn"

    Really, NOWHERE for the gays?

    More accurately, it is EVERYWHERE for the gays to hang. If you want to hang with the gays, just locate John Cooper (just Cooper to his many many friends), the director of the film festival. Cooper is sexy as hell, and that husband of his, the adorable Paul-Louis, yummy.

    As for the boycott idea, thats just stupid. Yes the Moron Church (pun intended) in full of gay hate and both the Morons and Sundance are located in Utah. BUT, no organization exceeds (and very few, including gay organizations, even equal) the support and exposure of the gay community received from Sundance. To boycott this great effort that shows LGBT produced and themes films is stupid. Instead, show up strong and proud.

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