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There’s A Perfectly Good Explanation For Why Dead MI6 Spy Had Women’s Clothing + Wigs

Dead MI6 spy and code sleuth Gareth Williams, whose body was found locked inside a duffel bag in his home in September, was totally not gay, insists a childhood sweetheart. Despite all the women’s clothing he owned. And his web browser history that was full of bondage sites? Just a part of his job!

Sian Lloyd-Jones tells the Daily Mail that Williams was training for a new secret identity gig for the past eight months, and that all those (unworn, with the tags still on them) women’s clothes were gifts — for she and Williams’ sister, who was supposed to join him on a trip to Paris two days after he was found dead. Regular gifts of Stella McCartney and Christian Louboutin? What a friend! (The women’s clothes and shoes, insists Lloyd-Jones, wouldn’t fit Williams.) But how to explain his stash of women’s wigs? And his tickets to drag shows? Easy, she says: “He and an American friend were going to a fancy-dress party in October.” They were going to dress as two Japanese superhero cartoon characters; the pink and yellow wigs were merely costumes.

Moreover, all this talk about Williams being gay? Nonsense, says Lloyd-Jones: “I’m not in denial and nor is his mum, dad or sister. It would have been fine if he was [gay].”

Now, about this new job: Aren’t spies supposed to keep even their nearest and dearest in the dark about what they actually do for a living? “He said he was learning his new identity,” says Lloyd-Jones. “In February he said he’d be unavailable for nine days because he was on a training exercise. He’d often go away, so I didn’t think any more about it.” Which is exactly the sort of thing a guy would say when he needs to take a leave of absence to become somebody’s dungeon slave for a week at a time!

Either way, the mysteries surrounding Williams’ dead body — found at his Central London home, which was a MI6 safe house — remain unresolved. Particularly the magic trick he evidently pulled by locking himself inside a North Face bag without the assistance of another person. It’s time to find the bondage website that gave shitty instructions on escaping.

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  • jacknasty

    Cross-dressing and being gay are not the same thing. Also straight people look at bondage porn too. and if the wigs are pink and yellow that does sound more like a costume than a wig used to actually impersonate women.

  • j

    I know that last line is supposed to be ironic, or sarcastic, or…something(italics on that last word), but its in really bad taste. You’ve done this a few times queerty.

  • john

    This was kinda morbid and tasteless IMO. I don’t come to your website to read this type of thing. Thanks

  • Kieran

    Transvestism is NOT synonymous with being gay. Most men who like dressing up as women for sexual thrills are straight. Nor do you have to be gay to be into bondage.

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