There’s A Special Place In Hell For You Too, Howard Bragman

Barbara Bush is not a paying client of gay flack Howard Bragman, so of course he has mean things to say about her first public statement in support of same-sex marriage. There is a “special place in hell” for Ms. Bush and her political dynasty of a family, says Bragman, for voicing support on LGBT issues only when it’s politically convenient. And while I partially agree with him, I have a hard time targeting Barbara, for she was friend of the gays during her time at Yale (how could you not be, given how gay that school is?) and has been active in supporting things like the Prop 8 federal trial (though no, she wasn’t making public statements about it). In another universe — one where Barbara Bush pays for his services — Bragman would be singing the praises of the former First Daughter. But this man, who one of the worst spokesman for gays Hollywood has to offer, is himself a bully and a bully supporter. There’s a special place for you too, buddy.