There’s An Antigay Activist At The Heart Of The Supreme Court Case To Kill Obamacare

800px-United_states_supreme_court_building-670x437-360x234Here’s the great thing about the right-wing war against anything President Obama touches: you never have to dig deep to find an antigay nut.

Take the case before the Supreme Court today in which four plaintiffs insist, against all evidence to the contrary, that Congress really did not intend for tax credits for Obamacare to extend to anyone on the federally run exchange. This means only citizens in the 16 states that set up their own insurance exchanges would get subsidies. Everyone else would be out of luck.

The case, King v. Burwell, has been promoted by a veritable who’s who of the anti-Obama legal community, which has been frantically searching for ways to kill the measure. To make the case work, they had to recruit people who claim they were harmed by the Affordable Care Act. And it’s here that they went right to the lowest common denominator.

There are four plaintiffs in the case, one of whom is Brenda Levy. Levy told Mother Jones she has no idea how she was recruited for the case, saying she led “a quiet life.” And that’s true, if by quiet life you mean making your hatred of gay rights known to the world at large.

Levy has written a string of letters to local Virginia newspapers. (Here’s one example.) She contributed $600 to the Proposition 8 campaign to overturn California’s marriage law. She has shown up at her local Boy Scout chapter to protest allowing gay kids to join the Scouts. “We want to leave sex and politics out of the Scouts,” Levy said at the 2013 protest. Her comments on YouTube include rants about how gays want “to subvert monogamy.”

Yes, however did conservative lawyers who want to destroy Obamacare stumble across Ms. Levy living her quiet life? Her inclusion in the case is a telling sign of which rocks the lawyers looked under and their inclination to look under those rocks in the first place.

So, as the Justices listen to arguments tomorrow that could lead to millions of Americans losing their health care coverage, just keep in mind the sterling individuals challenging the law. Based on her writing, Levy would probably rather be challenging marriage equality.

But she’ll settle for anything else the President favors.

H/t: Mother Jones