Just a number?

There’s a high probability that hot guy you’re chatting with is lying about his age, survey says

Age is just a number… or is it?

A new survey conducted by Gay Star News that found that a whole lot of people are lying about their age on dating apps.

Over 3,000 people participated in the survey, which was conducted earlier this month. One if four respondents admitted they had lied about their age at least once while chatting with a potential new hookup.

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Among those people who say they’ve been dishonest on their quests to get laid:

  • 12% never or rarely lie about their age.
  • 13% sometimes or often lie.
  • 35% always lie.

When it comes to going on dates, the numbers aren’t terribly different:

  • 6% never or rarely lie about their age.
  • 10.5% sometimes or often lie.
  • 39% always lie.

So why all the lying?

The answer is pretty simple: Agism.

When asked about agism, 60% of respondents said their experience of dating was “totally” ageist, compared to 16% who said the scene was a “little” ageist, and 6% who said it was “maybe” ageist.

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Many respondents also expressed fear about getting older. 31% said they were terrified about losing their looks, while 42% said they worried about losing their partner or loved ones.

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