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There’s Nothing Like A Man In Red Underwear

RED10-NoLimitsRemember that scene in Miss Congeniality where Sandra Bullock’s Gracy Lou’s friend confesses to shoplifting panties? “My mom wouldn’t buy them for me—she said they were Satan’s panties!” It’s common perception to find red underwear erotic. In the same way that a red car always seems a little sporty, red underwear seems to have the hidden agenda of turning someone on. Of course, sometimes that agenda isn’t so hidden at all. Applying the fiery color to intimate apparel implies sexuality. But when it comes to men’s underwear, the color red is used for more than just a flirty bite.

Red is also used for energy. Some of the best pairs of performance underwear are red not to attract attention to but leave us feeling energized and unstoppable. At the gym, we wear red pairs when we mean business. It’s like the red underwear encourages a harder burn, stronger lifts, and hitting that cardio high. Applying red to men’s performance underwear gives the wearer a sense of confidence—something proven to enhance workout performances. The same feeling can easily translate to something more attune to the bedroom. If red underwear can help you go longer and harder at the gym, imagine what it could do in the bedroom. Something to think about for men without a go-to red brief.

In this first Jerrad Matthew exclusive photo shoot for The Underwear Expert, male model Alec Luddy wears 23 different pairs of red underwear.  You can see more of the photo shoot on The Underwear Expert.

RED2-BWet Red14-2Xist RED9-Piado RED12-MichaelKors RED10-NoLimits

Photo Credit: Jerrad Matthew for The Underwear Expert