There’s Only One LGBT Kids Clothing Line Colton Haynes Will Buy From


Colton Haynes knows the power of a social media share.

The Arrow actor has made headlines, at least here anyways, with everything from body modification to an unlikely pregnancy announcement to alluding to the fact that he’s been out of the closet all along.

But Haynes took a break from sparking conversation about himself to focus the attention of his vast followers list on something else: his gay brother-in-law’s new gay children’s clothing line.

Well not gay children per se, but for children of gay parents.

“I’m so incredible proud of my brother’s husband @scottculley for launching @gaybyapparel!” he wrote on Instagram. “I can’t wait to watch this brand sky rocket 🙂 Go shop online & get the word out there :)”

The line features familiar slogans that parents force their children to wear (“Isn’t this hilarious, honey? We’ve got to get this for Mikey.”) but with an LGBTQ twist.

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Included on the company’s website is this message:

We are Just starting out.. If you have ideas for shirts PLEASE email them to us…. [email protected]. We are making shirts for our community and we’d love to have your input!!

Head here for more info.