Coming out swinging

There’s a reason this coming out video has quickly gone viral

Never in cinematic history has barbecue sauce been used to such effective ends. To mark Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, a hilarious and oddly moving video has been released online and it’s quickly proven to be a runaway viral hit.

Focusing on a close family and a son’s awkward reveal, the two-minute clip has already earned over 1.7 million views since being posted February 24th.

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The clip manages to hit a nerve by subtly illuminating how a subtle difference in personality or preference can potentially sully family relations without  empathy or understanding. And it’s done in a humorous way that doesn’t spoon-feed you and isn’t overly schmaltzy. But maybe a little schmaltzy.

Make sure to watch until the very end for grandma’s hilarious confession.


Check out “The Big Deal” below: